Falling prices kicked off

Through the comparison of domestic and foreign housing prices, we know that China’s current housing prices are far too high. With the fact that the housing vacancy rate and the population of the future are drastically reduced, we know that China’s future housing demand will d ----more

Analyst: USD/JPY is difficult to break through 78.00

On Thursday (November 24) in the Asian market, USD/JPY fell sharply and fell to the 77.00 level before recovering slightly. On Wednesday (November 23), the U.S. dollar demand rose sharply, USD/JPY rose sharply, and once it rose to a two-week high of 77.57, there was a slight correction. ----more

Real estate can be a pillar industry of China's eco…

Recently scholars of the media have been particularly sensitive to the trend of housing prices. There are people who look at the higher ones and others look lower. More government officials and scholars predict that housing prices will not fall by more than 15% in the next two or three yea ----more

Four hot spring resorts to visit in the early winter

The autumn breeze blew with some coolness and dryness, occasionally mixed with a few cold rains. This is the best time to enjoy hot springs! About three or five friends or dragging home to bring your mouth, soak in the warm of the hot springs, any smoke around you lick your eyes, enjoy the " ----more

Zhengzhou Real Estate Data Analysis in October 2011

The construction of affordable housing has progressed smoothly. The price of commodity housing remained unchanged from the previous month. As of the end of October, the city has started the construction of 55,716 protective housing units for 71 projects, among which there are 35 new 26,891 ----more

AUD/USD continues to fall, targeting 0.9910

On Wednesday (November 16), the Asian market was dragged down by the continuous fermentation of the European debt crisis. The Australian dollar fell below the 1.01 integer mark and touched the intraday low of 1.0070, after the exchange rate rose to 1.0180. The yields of treasury bonds in ----more

Cloud service breaks down and "cloud walks" c…

2011 was the most explosive year for the development of cloud computing. In the IT industry, it was called the "Year of Cloud Computing." In this year, we witnessed more and more governments, companies, companies, individuals, and consulting organizations. And so on have invested ----more