Opportunities and challenges coexist to strengthen the …

Civil aviation is known as the “barometer” and “booster” for economic and social development. Statistics show that the growth rate of domestic GDP and the growth rate of civil aviation are about 1.5 to 2 times. Under the current trend of the country and our provin ----more

Airport dense benefits

Figure 1: Shenzhen Baoan Airport There are five airports within a radius of no more than 200 kilometers: Zhuhai Airport, Shenzhen Airport, Guangzhou Airport, Hong Kong Airport and Macau Airport. There are such intensive airports in the Pearl River Delta region, which brings convenience ----more

Automatic palletizing machine arm application

Tengyang automatic palletizer technology is humanized, one-stop service. Reliance business, easy to seek world brands. Provide one-stop service for handling equipment. Fully automatic palletizer description and performance, can imitate some of the movement functions of the human hand ----more

Local government is an important promoter of blind expa…

The famous economist Zhang Shuguang mentioned this year that the essence of investment overheating is that the government is overheating. This view has caused some repercussions in China, but the impact on government behavior may be minimal. What is the reason? Because the government' ----more