How to declare customs clearance

a) What is the goods to be transported? Transshipment of goods is a cargo subject to customs supervision. Specifically refers to: 1. After entering the country from the place of entry, apply to the customs for transit and transport to another place of customs clearance for goods subject ----more

The construction team excavated the mysterious tomb art…

He is a Confucianist in the Southern Song Dynasty, and he is known as one of the “Mr. Jinhua Si”. In the Temple of Confucius, there is also a portrait of him After 800 years of vicissitudes, where he was buried has always been a mystery. Recently, Wang's descendants found his to ----more

Asia-Pacific stocks open lower, AUD/USD is under pressu…

On Thursday (December 29), the Asian market fell in early trading, with the Australian dollar falling slightly around 1.0060. The exchange rate was below the 20-day moving average and the short-term moving average indicator was bearish. Overnight, the European and American markets were in ----more

The Chinese in 2011 are once again impulsive for travel

Since Prince William announced the start of the marriage, it is destined that the United Kingdom will be the focus of the tourism industry in 2011, and the days of the 2012 London Olympics are getting closer and closer, and it is only natural to pay attention to the United Kingdom and London. Si ----more

Inflection point looms, housing prices "steady dec…

At the end of 2011, the recently held Central Economic Work Conference set the tone for the development of the real estate market next year, stating that it will continue to adhere to the real estate control policy and unswervingly consolidate and expand the results of real estate market r ----more

Highway Container Freight Measures

(1) Using newspapers, magazines, radio and television to expand publicity to raise people's awareness of the advanced nature and economy of container transportation, and to open up the way for the development of car container freight. (2) According to the relevant guidelines and polic ----more

Who will recycle the used energy-saving lamps?

80% energy saving than ordinary incandescent lamps, luminous efficiency and service life is about 5 times that of incandescent lamps. Since 2008, our province has begun to promote energy-saving lamps through financial subsidies. However, everyone may not know that if the energy-saving lamp ----more