A new strategic leap in realizing the transformation of tourism development mode

Romantic Xixi Spring [May Point Network] "Southeast shape wins, Sanwu City, Qiantang has prospered since ancient times." In the economically developed Yangtze River Delta metropolitan area, Hangzhou is a distinctive, innovative, courageous...


Romantic Xixi Spring

[May Point Network] "Southeast shape wins, Sanwu City, Qiantang has prospered since ancient times." In the economically developed Yangtze River Delta metropolitan area, Hangzhou is a passionate and vibrant city with distinctive characteristics, innovation and courage. In the new century, especially since the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", the development of Hangzhou has entered a wonderful period of perfection: the increasingly beautiful West Lake and the increasingly beautiful city have attracted countless Chinese and foreign tourists; 50 million a year The above domestic tourists and more than 2 million foreign tourists urged Hangzhou tourism to expand, innovate and challenge new heights. Therefore, Hangzhou tourism industry has seen many new highlights and new carriers, and has formed some new practices and new models.

The first thing worth mentioning is the "Free West Lake". Hangzhou offers the beautiful West Lake to visitors free of charge. Since 2002, after the West Lake has invested a large amount of funds for environmental remediation and quality improvement, a large number of original toll collections around the lake, such as Liulang Wenyu, Huagang Guanyu, Quyuan Fenghe, etc., have been fully opened to the public. The unique approach of letting people “share quality life” in Hangzhou is eye-catching. In addition to the West Lake, Hangzhou has adhered to the concept of “free sharing” in the city's tourism construction and development, such as the second phase of the Fuxi and Heshang Streets of Xixi National Wetland Park, the Xiaohe Ancient Town of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Hexi Zhijie, etc., the Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Street on Zhongshan Road, the Xianghu Scenic Spot in Xiaoshan, and the Super Mountain Scenic Area in Yuhang are all the same. In fact, after giving up the surface income of 60 million yuan or even hundreds of millions of yuan a year, Hangzhou has won countless hearts and countless customers, and has retained the pace of tourists, extending the number of stays for tourists. The increase in consumption grades and the surge in total tourism revenues have promoted the conscious transformation and stride development of the urban economy. The open West Lake and various scenic tourist areas provide visitors with a large amount of sightseeing space, and also create many leisure consumption service opportunities for the tourism industry. The total consumption has increased and the number of staying days has increased. The Hangzhou tourism industry has grasped the leisure time in time. The characteristics of activities and management mode have successfully realized the transformation and upgrading from “ticket economy” to “tax source economy”.

Followed by the environment. Under the guidance of the urban strategy of “environmental establishment”, Hangzhou’s tourism development attaches great importance to environmental landscape protection and firmly establishes the scientific concept of “ecological priority”, “environment is productivity” and “environment is competitiveness”. Brand building is integrated with environmental protection optimization, tourism development and urban construction. Many of Hangzhou's tourism projects, such as the West Lake, Xixi, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and other three major brands, have made huge investments in environmental protection. The result: more and more beautiful scenery, more and more ecological optimization, more and more pleasant environment, and more and more refined cities. At present, Hangzhou is promoting the urban environment optimization to the back streets and ordinary people. Hangzhou is consciously accelerating the transformation and upgrading from “tourism city” to “city tourism”.

The third is the "Xixi model." In terms of environmental protection and brand building, Hangzhou Tourism also strives to explore the best balance between protection and utilization. Both tourism projects and environmental protection require a large amount of sustained investment. If the input lacks the necessary returns, such investment is difficult to sustain. Hangzhou Xixi, as the first national wetland park, has carried out a series of pioneering explorations on wetland protection and utilization. The “Xixi Model” for wetland protection has been fully affirmed in China's wetland protection and world wetland protection. Generally praised. Since its official launch in 2003, the Xixi Wetland Comprehensive Protection Project has been implemented for eight years before and after Hangzhou. It has initially built Xixi into another city brand after Hangzhou after the West Lake, realizing the “West Lake Xixi, Shuangxi Dance” Strategic objectives. The essence of Hangzhou's "Xixi Model" is to explore a conservation and utilization model that is guided by the scientific development concept and aims at sustainable development. Fundamentally speaking, it is to explore a scientific development for cities (including ecotourism, etc.). Road. Hangzhou has invested more than 10 billion yuan in the protection and construction of Xixi. Now, not only is the investment balanced, but the entire Xixi has produced comprehensive benefits including ecological, social, economic, cultural and urban brands.

In the transformation of tourism development mode, Hangzhou has actively carried out a series of innovative pioneering practices, which have some pioneering significance in the country. (Economic Daily)

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