Anhui Lu'an Tourism Promotion Conference Held in Hefei

Anhui Lu'an Tourism Promotion Conference was held yesterday afternoon at the Hefei Anhui Hotel. Wu Hao of the official department of the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau, He Ying, deputy mayor of the Lu'an Municipal People's Government, and Sang Lin, director of the Hefei Municipal Tourism Bureau...

Anhui Lu'an Tourism Promotion Conference was held yesterday afternoon at the Hefei Anhui Hotel. Wu Hao of the Department of Tourism of Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau, He Ying, deputy mayor of Lu'an Municipal People's Government, Sang Linbing, Director of Hefei Municipal Tourism Bureau, and Xu Qijin, Director of Lu'an Tourism Bureau, and tourism agencies and enterprises in Lu'an County Representatives, nearly 300 travellers and media representatives from Hefei attended the presentation.


Speech by He Ying, Vice Mayor of Lu'an Municipal People's Government


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He Ying said at the promotion meeting that the Lu'an Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Hefei. There are two reasons for this. First, Hefei's tourism development has been rapid in these years, and it is worth learning from Lu'an. Second, Lu'an is an important part of Hefei's economic circle. In the city, Hefei is the most important source market for Lu'an. The cities of Hefei and Lu'an are complementary in tourism resources and have continuity in tourism space. This provides a broad space platform for tourism cooperation between the two cities, and it is necessary to further promote the rapid development of tourism in the two cities. The introduction of Hefei is to hope that more Hefei citizens will go to the revolutionary old district of Lu'an, to pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs, to visit historical monuments, to appreciate the scenery, to recall the passionate red years of the Dabie Mountains, and to taste the long history of Chu culture. With the mellow, experience the inspiration of the heart and soul of the Dabieshan Jinxiu Mountain Lake.


Folklore show

Xu Qijin took a bottle of mineral water in his hand as the entry point, and used the water as the clue and context of the remarks. He focused on the theme of “Colorful Journey of Daxi Mountain Jinxiu Mountain Lake” and introduced the rich tourism resources of Lu'an City. As one of the cities in Hefei Economic Circle, Lu'an City not only has many national forest parks such as Tiantangzhai, Baimajian and Wanfo Mountain, but also many ancient buildings, ancient city sites, ancient battlefields and ancient Guanzhai, and it is located in the revolution of Hubei and Henan. In the central area of ​​the base area, five scenic spots such as the Dabie Mountain Revolutionary Historical Memorial Park and the Dushan Soviet are the national red tourism classic scenic spots. Yesterday, the "Tiantang Village" and "Wanfo Lakeside Scenery" interspersed with the festivals and other local folklore literary programs, let everyone feel the rich characteristics of Lu'an.

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