Asia-Pacific stocks open lower, AUD/USD is under pressure again

On Thursday (December 29), the Asian market fell in early trading, with the Australian dollar falling slightly around 1.0060. The exchange rate was below the 20-day moving average and the short-term moving average indicator was bearish.

Overnight, the European and American markets were in a mess, the ECB’s balance sheet hit a record high, and the U.S. debt ceiling again struck. Italian 10-year government bond yields rose to a high of 6.90%, the market panicked, the euro fell sharply, and the hedging dollar soared to Above 80.50, European and American stock markets plummeted, gold and crude oil futures tumbled.

Asia-Pacific stock markets followed European and U.S. stock markets in a downtrend on Thursday, opened lower, and the market sentiment was low. The Australian dollar/US dollar again fell under pressure and fell to a low of 1.0044 during the session.

Some analysts said that compared to European currencies, the performance of the Australian dollar is relatively strong, but if the global economic situation continues to deteriorate, the Australian dollar will continue to bear pressure, the Australian dollar / U.S. dollar or test 1.0000 important mark.


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