Beijing wedding photography detailed 80 fashion wedding style

Beijing wedding photography detailed 80 fashion wedding style Now 80 newcomers in the field of wedding are no longer confined to the traditional wedding style, bringing back more and more creative ideas from newcomers in the 80s. Today it is more fashionable and alternative wedding photo styles in wedding photography. What are they? Let everyone stop sticking to the pattern of fixed wedding photography and explore the most suitable wedding photos!

1, wedding movie wedding movie is very popular among young people, new people when shooting wedding films do not have to deliberately pose stereotyped posture, just need to bit by bit in the two lives together, or intimate, or naughty, or Funny, every moment is a testimony to their love. According to different scenarios you can set different themes, you can stroll on the streets of Paris and you can be in elegant villas. This will not only allow all friends and friends to witness the love of the two people, but also highlight the atmosphere of the scene and make the wedding more beautiful.

2. Nude wedding pursuits The pursuit of natural cosmetic consumption concepts has influenced many women's views on makeup. Many white-collar women began to remove heavy thick makeup and showed fresh naked makeup. Painting nude makeup is a way of advocating nature and expressing self-confidence. With the prevalence of nude makeup, many newcomers have begun to fall in love with nude makeup wedding photographs. Compared with the traditional heavy makeup wedding photographs, nude makeup wedding photographs have become more life-like, and it has unloaded thick masks for makeup. The bride's personal temperament emerged. For young people who are looking for personality and style, they are more attractive.

3, Korean wedding Korean wedding style as fresh and elegant style, people relax, leading this year's wedding photography trends. The life-like scenes, warm atmosphere, and the well-being of happiness are the focus of the attention of the sample creators, and they are also the main characteristics of the Korean wedding style.

Korean style wedding dress features: generally choose Korean version of the wedding dress (good drape, smooth lines), Korean fashion clothes (fresh colors, simple style) or ancient palace Hanbok (exquisite and elegant). The traditional Korean wedding dresses are mainly special waists, tight chests, and natural sagging chests, which are suitable for covering women's body defects. Korean-style wedding fabrics that are now favored by studios are more luxurious. There are more pearls and diamonds on the wedding dress. However, the style is not complicated and it is best to have a long tail.

The essence of Korean master wedding photos: South Korean wedding photographs are solemn, feminine and concise.

4, cosplay wedding photos: real people borrow clothing to play anime, games, visual roles. More and more in line with the taste of 80 5, Peking Opera wedding photos: from ancient to modern, inherited thousands of years of constant love 6, couples wedding lovers in love Although not to talk about marriage, into the marriage hall, but This does not stop them from enjoying a set of exquisite wedding photo albums to appreciate and serve as a testimony of their love.

Couples wedding photos is a popular trend in recent wedding photos, new people like to put their love stories in photos and photo albums, and because such photos are often story, and the style is naturally clear, shooting techniques are mainly based on capture, After the work comes out, it can be seen in many aspects and the details are very rich, which caters to the new requirements of pursuing simple and simple. The wedding photo of the storyline, as a supplement to style and theme, is an extension and extension of traditional wedding photography. In the actual shooting of the selected topics planning and actual shooting, we must have the customer's idea to participate in, so as to ensure that the work came out to reach the customer's expectations as the young people become more and more personality, new people's wedding fashion concept is more and more Strong, shooting field version wedding photos, men and women cross-dress wedding photos, desert wedding photos and other personalized wedding photos become fashionable. Couples wedding photos have no new wedding photos so much constraints, the meaning of the wedding is also different, so the couple wedding photos to play more personality, creative space.

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