Can the tax exemption from the island during the May Day holiday set off a wave of tourism in Lanzhou?

May 1 holiday is too short travel agency to take a wait-and-see attitude Hainan Province will officially implement the island tax exemption policy from May 1st, and the Chinese can also enjoy the shopping tax exemption enjoyed by foreign tourists. Then...

May Day holiday is too short, travel agencies are more wait-and-see attitude

Hainan Province will officially implement the tax exemption policy for outlying islands from May 1st, and Chinese people can also enjoy the tax exemption for shopping that foreign tourists have enjoyed in the past. Then, can the tax exemption on the outlying islands trigger the Hainan tourism boom of Lanzhou citizens?

Yesterday, the reporter visited Lanzhou employees, Kanghui, youth and other travel agencies and found that most of the travel agencies in Hainan travel there is no duty-free shops in this trip. Only some high-end quality groups have added duty-free shops to their travel products. In addition, the time limit for the implementation of the tax exemption policy for the outlying islands was just stuck in the May Day period. The holidays were too short and most travel agencies took a wait-and-see attitude.

The island exemption policy refers to the tax concessions for the restrictions on the number of passengers departing from the island (excluding departure), the limit, the limit and the limited exemption of import duty, the payment in the duty-free shops in the outlying islands, and the delivery of the islands in the airport segregation area. Among them, the island duty-free shops refer to duty-free shops that have the qualification to implement the tax exemption policy for outlying islands and implement franchising.

“Hainan is China’s largest special economic zone and the only tropical island province. The tax exemption policy for the outlying islands is mainly to support Hainan’s construction as an international shopping mall and an internationally competitive tourist destination.” Zhou Wei, Manager of Dragon Travel, Gansu Provincial Workers International Travel Service Special said: "The May 1st holiday will be an observation period. Visitors usually travel while shopping, and existing customers will increase the sales of Hainan Duty Free Shop. To achieve the purpose of shopping for tourism, it depends on Hainan. Implementation of the tax exemption policy."

“The implementation of duty-free shopping in Hainan is a good thing for consumers. However, since only two duty-free shops in Sanya and Haikou are facing domestic tourists, the enthusiasm of travel agencies to promote Hainan’s duty-free shopping business has been affected to some extent.” Zhou Wei Special said that the current line they launched is Hainan's four-star leisure tour, which is about 3,000 yuan. If there is a demand, you can arrange a quality group for high-end customers.

"Hong Kong is a free trade port with developed business and good supporting conditions. It is a famous shopping paradise and has a wide range of duty-free goods. Hainan's tourism advantage is mainly in resource conditions. If it can combine the tax-free support policies of outlying islands, and supporting services and scenic spots. The hotel, aviation, and travel agencies will work together to promote the tourism market, which will have a good development." (Daily Gansu Net - Technology News)

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