Changzhi, Shanxi: The strong start of the cultural tourism industry

Along with the broadcast of CCTV's "Our Festival, Qingming - Chinese Long Songs", Changzhi County, Shanxi Province, "the world's capital city" once again entered people's field of vision, showing its "with the party, the gods...

Along with the broadcast of CCTV's "Our Festival, Qingming - Chinese Long Songs", Changzhi County, Shanxi Province, "the world's capital city" once again entered the people's field of vision, showing its "combination with the heavens, the gods and the people" The myth of victory. It is reported that in 2010, Changzhi County, the hometown of mythology, relied on this leading brand, and the number of tourists and tourism revenues reached new highs, which marked a solid step in the county's cultural tourism industry.

Great investment, promote the development of scenic spots and infrastructure construction. Changzhi County has rich cultural landscapes and numerous cultural relics. In order to transform the potential of cultural tourism resources into economic advantages, the county has invested 200 million yuan in recent years to develop and construct key scenic spots such as Tiancheng Ducheng, Southern Song Wufenglou and Yincheng Ancient Town, and invested 328.67 million yuan to start construction. From the city to the Southern Song Dynasty to the West Fire Ring Road tourist road, the second phase of the project is progressing smoothly. At the same time, it also provided supporting and perfecting facilities for farmer catering services, hotels and comprehensive service areas, and continuously improved the reception capacity of the scenic spots.

Push the boutique to create a cultural tourism brand. In 2010, the county took the “Five Ones” project as a starting point to help the cultural tourism industry to start. “One Festival” is the first cultural tourism festival in the city of harmony and harmony in the world. “One movie” refers to the movie “Big Iron Merchant”, which reflects the honesty and trustworthiness of the company, and enjoys the “Mary in the City”. The “Golden” reputation of the county’s shadow town has now entered post-production; “a song” refers to the famous singer Wu Chunyan’s song “The Hometown of Myth” specially written for the county, which sings the Sanjin land; “One Works” is for all parts of the country. The collection of the Taoist city culture painting and calligraphy photography boutique "Chinese Prayer Festival Taoist City Art Exhibition" went to the exhibition tour at home and abroad, winning a praise: "a picture scroll" refers to the famous Chinese painter Luo Wei in the deep excavation of the county's historical and cultural resources based on the creation of Chinese painting The white painting "Shan Hai Jing Legend" won the world's largest lacquer art gold painting mural honor.

High standard planning to promote the integration of tourism resources in the county. Inviting the earliest and largest professional tourism planning and design unit in western China to participate in the investigation and demonstration analysis of the tourism resources of the county, the development of tourism and the development of tourism in the surrounding counties, and the province Relevant experts from the city convened an expert symposium, and on the basis of further solicitation of opinions, the “Overall Planning for Tourism Development of the County” was issued. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, Changzhi County will adhere to the development concept of "livable, suitable, and suitable for travel", and strive to build a spatial layout of "one heart drive, one ring series, two axis traction, three extensions, four zones support". . In 2015, the tourism county began to take shape. The total number of tourists received in the year reached 1.06 million, with an average annual growth rate of 40%. The tourism income was 480 million yuan, and the total tourism revenue accounted for 3% of the county's GDP.

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