China Advertising Great Wall Award • 2011 Advertiser • Great Wall Award is coming soon

The 2011 “China Advertiser • Great Wall Award” awards ceremony will be held at the 18th China International Advertising Festival from 15:00-17:00 in the afternoon of September 26 at the M1101 conference room of M1-1, Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The three major awards for this year's China Advertising Great Wall Awards for Characters and Characters were announced and presented.

The Chinese advertisers • Great Wall Awards, as a national-level authoritative award, is approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the Chinese Advertising Industry Association sponsors the highest ranking event in the advertising field of the Chinese advertising industry. It is the highest for corporate brands and advertising leaders. Annual recognition of the level. At the same time, it was also the first large-scale awarding event held at the China International Advertising Festival, featuring advertisers as the main character. The award consists of a person award and a brand award. The “person award” is the highest level of annual commendation for corporate advertising leaders, and the “brand award” aims to recognize corporate brands that contribute to the Chinese advertising industry.

As a high-level honorary awarding and leading personage meeting for the advertisers, the “China Advertiser • Great Wall Award” awards ceremony will also be the largest advertiser event event at this year's China International Advertising Festival. This year's China International Advertising Festival More than 100 leading corporate advertising figures will be present at a large scale in person to celebrate the grand festival of the chief executives of the city. The climax of the interaction between media enterprises at the festival will once again be staged. The Great Wall Award for Advertising has formed a wide range of influence in the Chinese advertising industry and the business community. The industry has given unprecedented attention to the results of this award. On August 12, 2011, it was composed of mainstream television media such as CCTV, Hunan Satellite TV, Anhui TV Station, Chongqing TV Station, Tianjin TV Station, and State Administration of Radio Film and Television; the well-known online media such as Sohu, NetEase, LeTV, and Youku; Beijing Dentsu, The evaluation committees of well-known advertising agency companies such as Changrong Communication and Future Advertising and CTR and other evaluation agencies formed a jury, and finally selected 100 candidates for the “China Advertising Great Wall Awards o2012 Person of the Year Award”.

At this year's advertising festival, the organizing committee will also invite all award-winning individuals and award-winning brand company representatives to attend the ceremony, and invite relevant leaders and judges to present award-winning guests, and invite national television, print and online media to report and record awards. , and strive to create the award ceremony as the most popular, most practical, most newsworthy and most representative of the overall specifications of the China International Advertising Festival during the 18th China International Advertising Festival.

Will be released by then:

In 2010, there were 10 "China Advertising Great Wall Awards, People Awards, and Meritorious Awards".

In 2011, there were 20 "China Advertising Great Wall Awards, People Awards, and Achievement Awards".

In 2011, there were 70 "China Advertising Great Wall Awards, People Awards, and Contribution Awards."

After the awards will be held on the evening of the Great Wall Awards, the advertisers' Great Wall Awards will be held. At that time, the advertisers of the "2011 China Advertising Great Wall Awards • 2011 Advertisers • Great Wall Awards and Character Awards" awards have been announced. Representatives of media and advertising companies came to the media event - the cum 2011 China Advertising Great Wall Award Dinner. Everyone will meet in the name of advertising, and the media companies will handle and gather together.

More than a hundred Chinese brand enterprises will participate in the awarding ceremony and conduct all-round cooperation and exchange with all parties in the industry.

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