Cloud service breaks down and "cloud walks" can also be determined

2011 was the most explosive year for the development of cloud computing. In the IT industry, it was called the "Year of Cloud Computing." In this year, we witnessed more and more governments, companies, companies, individuals, and consulting organizations. And so on have invested in this cloud industry chain. There are many mentions of cloud computing, and sometimes people are scratching their heads. However, after practice tests, the cloud applications that can finally be settled have already begun to emerge, such as CRM, Google’s document processing, and e-mail. The cloud application has penetrated into the work and life of users. The business model innovation brought by cloud computing is also benefiting more and more small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises are focusing on hosting-based cloud services. One outstanding advantage is that they can allow enterprises to enjoy the latest IT resources at a very low cost. Enterprises do not have to build their own IT departments or IT equipment and software. More cash flow is used in the mid- to long-term planning and layout of enterprises. This is very encouraging for many Chinese SMEs currently trapped in a difficult financial situation. Then, how does the company's chief financial officer and technical director choose a cloud service to improve the efficiency of enterprise management, and at the same time achieve the effect of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure? The companies in the financial payment, tourism convention and exhibition, transportation and logistics industries represented by Ansett Payment, China Travel Show, and Modern Logistics have used the cloud computing service model of the “Ruiyun Online” platform to purchase on-demand and flexible payment methods. The cost of self-built Microsoft Exchange mailboxes for SMEs has been reduced, and at the same time, its monthly payment method has avoided the initial investment in self-built mailboxes. In addition, the cloud computing service can prevent enterprises from falling into the professional IT operation and maintenance, completely eliminating the operational and maintenance costs incurred by the enterprise's self-built mailbox.

The “cloud walk” can also be determined. Although the benefits of cloud computing are obvious, the problems of system stability and reliability make some traditional SMEs feel a sense of distrust when they accept this type of cloud service. It is an obstacle and bottleneck that all cloud companies must break through. Ruiyun Online adopts a full-redundancy and off-site disaster recovery infrastructure. The computer rooms are located in Beijing/Shanghai and Guangdong, and advanced load balancing technology is used to ensure that the platform is under balanced pressure and the platform is perfectly guaranteed. The stability; In addition, "Ruiyun Online" dedicated 7X24-hour security monitoring team at all times to monitor the system's trends, can cut off potential security risks in a timely manner.

There are many profit models for cloud computing, such as "trafficking" cloud computing solutions, cloud computing resource services, cloud services, and derivative services of cloud computing. Among them, cloud applications are widely used along with the concept of terminal "application store". This type of profit model has been accepted and respected by many companies and users.

Apply a network language, since human progress can not stop the pace of cloud computing, then let it come more violently. Borrowing the words of the late Apple “master” Jobs: We are not just doing the same tools of the Internet, but we are using cloud computing to change the world—as a reminder to this altarist, and as a Online "self-motivation.

Corn Cat Litter

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bentonite cat litter, one clumping cat litter, made of the high quality bentonite as raw materials, and use the most advanced production and processing technology, being the strong clumping and the best effective deodorization. And It is easier and more convenient to scoop the used cat litter. The unique leading dust removal process can keep household environment refreshing for a long time.

Characters of Bentonite Cat Litter or Bentonite Cat Sand

1). Strong absorption ability.

2). Fast concretion into pellet.

3). Disgusting odder absorption.

4). The controlof bacteria growth as well as fresh air-keeping.

5). Beneficial to the health of house pets(such as cats).

6). The ideal cushion for pets.

Feature of Bentonite Cat Litter or Bentonite Cat Sand

1)Strong and fast absorption ability; Absorb pet urine and peculiar smell within a couple of seconds fully, restrain the growth of bacteria, keep the cat litter surface dry and clean, keep the air fresh.

2)Hard clumping and easy to clean up;

3)99% dust free ;

4)Montmorillonite content is above 80%.


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