Cold chain logistics industry brewing the first national standard

Cold chain logistics industry brewing the first national standard From the “Second China-US Cold Chain Standards Exchange Conference” held on August 1, 2011, a number of cold-chain logistics national standard projects have been entered into the formulation stage for reviewing the written instructions and starting work in the past years. The promulgation of future national standards will change the current status of the industry standards of the cold chain, and consumers' food safety will be guaranteed.

Fresh Consumption Brings Cold Chain Business Opportunities With the prosperity of China's logistics industry, the quality of food in the circulation field has become more and more affordable to all parties, and the concept of cold chain and cold chain logistics has become a popular concern for many people.

The National Bureau of Statistics shows that in 2006 China's vegetable production accounted for 49% of the world's total, ranking the first in the world. In 2007, the per capita amount of vegetables and vegetables reached 427 kg; in 2007, China’s apple production exceeded 180 million tons, and the per capita apple occupation rate from Shanghai to Huainan reached a 138 kilograms have tripled in the decade. In 2007, China’s seafood products reached 47.47 million tons, which is an increase of 200% compared to 2002, and the average per capita occupancy rate was 44 kilograms.

Fruits, vegetables, seafood, and other fresh foods are increasingly exposed to the general public's eye. How to quickly transfer these novel agricultural products from the place of production to the consumers is the title of cold chain logistics demand resolution. It is also cold. The chain logistics industry brings great business opportunities while bringing about changes in the logistics industry. In recent years, Chongqing Xuefeng, Shandong Rongqing, Henan Shuanghui and many other logistics companies have entered an environment of cold chain logistics market?

The "standard chaos" inhibits the progress of market needs and the expansion of the company. The logistics from Shanghai to Texas has brought great opportunities for the development of the cold-chain logistics industry. However, cold chain logistics has hit "standard chaos."

“The cold chain logistics is a huge system, which is much larger than the construction investment of normal temperature logistics. The timeliness of perishable foods requires higher group coordination in all aspects of the cold chain, and there is a standard guideline for all aspects of demand. All of these are required to expedite the formulation of cold chain logistics standards, said Dai Dingyi, deputy director of the China Logistics and Collective Purchase Association and deputy director of the National Logistics Standardization Technical Committee.

The China Logistics Technology Association was hired by Liu Weizhe, who is the person in charge of handling affairs at the higher level. Until now, standards for the cold chain logistics industry have been demonstrated in the relevant laws and regulations of ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade. There is no overall system. From Shanghai to Chengdu, this led to the contradiction and overlap of many technical parameters.

The company called for more policies to help support the cold chain logistics standards more and more affordable, and carried out layer by layer. Cold chain companies played a role in the standard setting process.

Yuan Haozong, deputy general manager of Beijing Dongfang Friendship Food Distribution Co., Ltd. expressed that if the same industry-approved standard can be promulgated, it will play a role in promoting the regulation of the cold chain industry.

However, Yuan Haozong also expressed concern, although so far the social status of the cold chain logistics industry is highly concerned about the industry, but most of the various industry research associations remain at the macro level, and have not been implemented to the specific product standards.

At the same time, he referred to the introduction of cold chain logistics in the country as a result of the late start of the cold chain logistics and distribution of goods only accounted for all the delivery of goods, 190% of the left glazed winter there are many cold chain food needs. “The storage of meat foods will double the number of copies of Goatfish.” In his opinion, domestic cold-chain logistics demand in the period of the beginning of development has more policy assistance and guidance.

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