Competitive online travel seeks change

[May Point Network] In 2009, China's online travel market mergers and acquisitions were repeated. Faced with attractive growth potential, offline suppliers are actively involved in direct sales business, new competitors at home and abroad are constantly emerging, and Ctrip...

[May Point Network] In 2009, China's online travel market mergers and acquisitions were repeated. Faced with attractive growth potential, offline suppliers are actively involved in direct sales, new competitors at home and abroad continue to emerge, and Ctrip has also increased its efforts to extend upstream. The intensification of competition will inevitably lead to the acceleration of future integration.

In the first two years of the economic crisis, online travel represented by Ctrip was once dragged down by the tourism recession. However, it is a testimony to the ancient training of “creating vitality in the crisis”. Throughout 2009, China’s online travel market has been undergoing a change: Mango’s acquisition of Yixiu and Yi Netcom’s acquisition of Yiyi and Yilong’s acquisitions The hotel agency website and Ctrip increased their shareholding in ezTravel, a Taiwanese travel website. Expedia, which already owned eLong's international travel giant, acquired Cool News during the same period. The “Tocoming Network” affiliated to Trip Advisor, its website, was also put into trial operation in December 2008. Stephen Kaufer, CEO of Trip Advisor, has no qualms about "very promising market prospects for online travel in China" and plans to invest more than $50 million in China by the end of 2011.

With the profitability of eLong in the first three quarters of 2009 and the “Where to Go” in November 2009, the third round of investment totaling USD 15 million was obtained (see the January 2010 issue of “The 2nd “Most Growth Potential”. "Business model" selection), Kraft's "extraordinary" seems to be full of enthusiasm - China's online travel market still has huge room for growth.

iResearch expects that China's online travel market will continue to grow by more than 20% in 2009-2013, reaching a total of 9 billion yuan in 2013 (Figure 1). On the other hand, CNNIC data shows that in 2009, the proportion of Internet users using online travel services rose from 5.6% in 2008 to 7.9%, but the gap is still very significant compared with 40% in developed countries. In the face of attractive growth potential, offline suppliers are actively involved in direct sales, and new competitors at home and abroad are also emerging. Under their common challenges, Ctrip, which occupies half of China's online travel, has also stepped up its efforts to extend upstream. In the future, China's online travel market will change its past single growth situation, and the intensification of competition will inevitably lead to the acceleration of model innovation and integration.

Offline suppliers are involved in direct marketing

In the face of huge online travel cakes, and in order to reduce the "exploitation" of online and offline agents to improve their profitability to some extent, airlines and hotels have been involved in the direct selling market.

At the beginning of 2009, China Eastern Airlines held Alibaba and established China Eastern Airlines (7.31, 0.06, 0.83%) flagship store on Taobao to sell air tickets by direct sales. According to Ma Xulun, general manager of China Eastern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines has been pushing its own electronic sales platform in January-October 2009. The B2B business has doubled in the same period, and B2C has grown tenfold. Through the cooperation with the e-commerce payment platform, the proportion of direct air tickets on China Eastern Airlines is expected to increase from the current 5% to 20%. Before handing in China Eastern Airlines, Alibaba has already cooperated with small and medium-sized airlines such as Xiamen Airlines, Spring Airlines and Central Plains Airlines to take the lead in vigorously entering aviation e-commerce. In addition, China Southern has also cooperated with Tencent to expand its sales network through the TenPay zone. Air China also made it clear that it will increase the proportion of direct air tickets to 20% in 2011.

Chain hotels are playing a bigger role in promoting direct sales. The founders of Home Inns, Hanting, 7 Days, Orange and other chain hotels have all served as senior executives at Ctrip, and they are comfortable with setting up an online booking system. Among them, 7 days featuring "mouse + cement", with IT technology to establish a system that integrates the Internet, call center, SMS, mobile WAP and store management, and also fully interconnects the website and hotel database. From 2008 to the time of listing, the proportion of bookings through third-party channel rooms was less than 1% in 7 days. In October 2009, the average daily coverage on the hotel booking platform for 7 days has exceeded that of “Where to Go” and eLong. Ranked second after Ctrip. To date, 7 days of online is expected to account for almost 10% of all online hotel bookings.

In fact, according to the survey data of iResearch, as of the end of 2008, in addition to Ctrip, the official website of airlines and hotels has become the second-ranked booking channel among the most used airfare and hotel reservation channels. . Supplier direct sales have begun to squeeze the development space of agents, especially in the field of air tickets, the competitiveness of airline direct sales is strong, Air China's Air China Mileage Network has also joined the hotel booking, the impact on online agents has further increased.

Off-site competitors join

In addition to traditional online travel competitors, Internet giants, telecom operators and even banks have also been attracted. adds a vertical search engine like "Where" to the two channels of life and travel, which may be seen as a signal to enter online travel.

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