Dawn, Liang Qiqi, Guangliang, Huang Xiaohu, Xin Xiaoqi August 13 Zhengzhou concert tickets hot sale

At 20:00 on August 13th, Dawn, Liang Qiqi, Guangliang, Huang Xiaohu, and Xin Xiaoqi “Longze Runbao·Jade Treasures” 2011 Asian Tour Concert will be unveiled at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Booking phone 24 hours ticket hotline customer service QQ Ticket office: Zhengzhou ticketing website: http://

According to Zhengzhou Ticketing Network, the five stars of this concert will not only bring classic songs, but also play visual impact. Each set of costumes is personally designed by famous designers, and tailored to the stars according to different aspects of the concert. In addition to the dynamic dance costumes and gorgeous retro styles, the biggest point of the show is the hats, which will have black leather hats, red cloth caps, gray and white soft hats, etc. The props play new tricks. "Love Song Prince" Guangliang also wants a gorgeous big change, will wear different exaggerated accessories.

Huang Xiaohu, Liang Qiqi, and Xin Xiaoqi are singing on the same stage. From the perspective of clothing style, they are full of gunpowder.

Gigi Leung's clothing has a transparent dress, white feather skirt and wood grain, plus a variety of short hair, pure jade girl will stage a hot side. Xin Xiaoqi is not to be outdone. In this concert, she will show her beautiful legs and no longer wrap her body. Pink ultra-low-cut skirt, large V-shaped low-cut, 10 cm high gold high-heeled shoes, this equipment is enough to subvert Xin Xiaoqi's image of a woman injured in the hearts of fans. Huang Xiaohu's full-featured knight costumes have made her "cool" skyrocketing, and this concert will have new breakthroughs.

Special note: The organizing committee will launch a series of ceremonial fans who will give back their passions. Military personnel (active or retired), teachers, labor medal winners, and students who purchase tickets through the organizing committee can enjoy discounts. At the request of the majority of fans, the organizing committee set up a couple's package at three tickets of 580 yuan, 680 yuan and 880 yuan. The activity will be from now until August 7.


Concert time: August 13, 2011, 20:00

Performance Venue: Henan Sports Center

Tickets: 180 yuan (sold out), 280 yuan (10), 380 yuan (small amount), 580 yuan, 680 yuan, 880 yuan, 1280 yuan (hot sale), 1680 yuan (hot sale), 2080 yuan (15 photos)

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