"Expo" Dongfeng Blows Hot East China Tour

[Maidian.com] "Shenzhen Special Zone Daily" reported on March 29th: Spring is the best time to visit Jiangnan in the south of the Yangtze River. Together with the upcoming World Expo, Jiangnan has become one of the travel plans of many tourists during the Expo. ...

[Maidian.com] "Shenzhen Special Zone Daily" reported on March 29th: Spring is the best time to visit Jiangnan in the south of the Yangtze River. Together with the upcoming World Expo, Jiangnan has become one of the travel plans of many tourists during the Expo.

Focus on Expo and Huidong

The reporter learned from the major travel agencies in Shenzhen that the consultation and registration of the East China Tour in March was hot, and the overall proportion of domestic travel was about 20%. In addition, as the Shanghai World Expo is approaching, the public's enthusiasm for tourism products containing the “Expo Elements” continues to heat up. The tickets for the five Shenzhen World Expos, such as China Travel New View, OCT Travel Agency, Port China Travel, City Travel and Century Holidays The distributors all indicated that the current World Expo ticket sales are in good condition, and the whole people will pay attention to the World Expo will continue to bring the Wangdong East tourism market.

The launch of the East China Special Series created by China Travel New Scenic Area has attracted the attention of many tourists. It is not only a sneak peek at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Exhibition Center, but also a 280-meter Expo platform for the Lupu Bridge. West Lake enjoys flowers, water villages explore, seven days of ample time plus the price of 1000 in the first place makes people's heart; Merchants travel on the basis of the regular East China five city tour plus Jiaxing Yuehe water town, with tourists to taste the local characteristics of Zou Daxian, also covers From 4 days to 6 days of different levels of products, currently only quoted 1580 yuan; City China Travel has also opened a number of experience Expo Group, which has affordable East China elite attractions and Expo experience tour group, and Shanghai World Expo depth experience elite group The quote is 4099 yuan.

The overseas tourism products of OCT Tourism are rich and varied, and they are also reasonably matched in terms of hotels, air tickets and Expo tickets. A number of “Expo Self-help Travel” products have been launched, including two-night, three-and-a-half-day self-guided tour of Shanghai World Expo, including air tickets and five-star hotels. The price of the Expo ticket is 3,380 yuan; the East China Tour product launched by the China Travel Service in the port, in addition to the theme of the Expo, can also experience the deep tour of Tongli Water Town and Shanghai respectively; the National Travel Service (Shenzhen) is mainly to promote the plum The main East China tour product, the five-day simple tour of Jinxi and Lingfeng explores the waters of the five cities in East China is only 1799 yuan.

Deep experience continues to heat up

In the past, the East China Tour was mainly based on the way of watching flowers. Many people have been to East China more than once, but they have not experienced and experienced deeply. The Expo is just around the corner, and the attention and enthusiasm of the citizens and tourists is getting higher and higher. Many people want to see the Expo to Shanghai and the surrounding areas for sightseeing. Many travel agencies in Shenzhen have launched a second tour of East China and even traveled to East China for a number of travel concepts. East China has a deep swim. Many travel agencies also took advantage of the Expo Dongfeng to launch a new high-quality East China deep tour product.

The continued warming of the Expo has also boosted the price of East China Tour. As hotel and ticket prices have increased in different degrees, this year's East China tour has increased by about 10% compared with the same period last year. According to industry insiders, with the approach of the World Expo, the cost of accommodation in East China has risen, air tickets and train tickets are tight, and the price of East China Tour will continue to rise. It is expected that from mid-April, there will be a tight registration situation in East China.

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