"Expo" urging Taiyuan tourism market

[May Point Network] With the approaching of Shanghai World Expo, the city's "Expo Tour" began to heat up, Taiyuan City's major travel agencies consulted the Expo tour of the crowds, the team travel contract frequently orders, and ...

[May Point Network] With the approaching of the Shanghai World Expo, the city's "Expo Tour" began to heat up. The major travel agencies in Taiyuan City consulted the people of the Expo tour, and the team travel contracts were frequently placed, and the portal through the World Expo The city's foreign tourists are also quietly growing.

Strong desire

On the afternoon of April 13, at the Four Seasons Travel Agency, three tour guides were busy answering online questions about the Expo tour through online video. According to Qiao Haiyan, general manager of the travel agency, the daily hit rate of the Expo tour has reached two or three hundred times. Some citizens expressed their desire to bring their children to the Expo together. More people were excited about the World Expo for the first time in China. They said that they "will never miss the opportunity to broaden their horizons at home."

The reporter has investigated this. At present, the Four Seasons Travel Agency has received nearly 1,000 visitors from the Expo. Before and after the opening of the World Expo, Red Horse International Travel will send a large group of 2,000 people to Shanghai. Among them, the 800-person World Expo tour will be opened at the end of this month, and the charter of the Expo will be opened next month. At present, the group work of tourists has been completed more than half.

Window effect

While tourists from Shanxi Province went out to see the Expo, tourists from East China also quietly flowed into Taiyuan. According to Su Yu, manager of the Red Horse Country Travel Center, since April, the agency has received 4 team visitors from East China every week, with a maximum of 37 teams, which has doubled compared with the same period last year. In mid-May, the 800-person tourist train from Ningbo will enter the 5th tour. Wang Sujuan, general manager of Jintu Travel Agency, said that the tour time of East China tourists this year was two weeks ahead of previous years. With the opening of the World Expo and the spectacular appearance of the Shanxi Pavilion, more East China tourists and even overseas tourists will flow into Taiyuan through the Expo window. Travel agents said that the Shanghai World Expo is a win-win event in both Shanxi and Taiyuan.

Citizen's wish

According to the reporter's investigation, at present, the travel tour products launched by various travel agencies are rich and colorful, totaling more than 100, but they are all combined travel routes, that is, in addition to visiting the World Expo, they must also take into account other attractions in East China. Although it is known as the "Expo Tour", it is only one day to actually visit the Expo. This is obviously difficult to meet the interests of some special tourists. Ms. Fan, a citizen, expressed her concern: "I have traveled in the 5th city of East China. I don't want to revisit the Expo site. Is there a pure World Expo route?" For some tourists like Ms. Fan, some travel agencies in Taiyuan City said Line adjustment is completely possible. Some travel agencies have introduced tourists to design Expo trips, and travel agencies are only responsible for solving accommodation and Expo tickets.

Expert advice

As the Shanghai World Expo officially opened on May 1. At present, the Expo tour products introduced on the market will not be completed until the end of April. Travel agents said that the Shanghai World Expo Park will be grandly built. It takes nearly a whole day to visit the China Pavilion. If you want to visit the entire Expo Park, it will not be possible to have more than three days. At that time, the China Pavilion of the Expo Park should make an appointment in advance to control the flow of visitors. Therefore, it is best for the public to register for the Expo for more than two weeks in advance, so that the travel agency has sufficient time to arrange the visitors to the Expo.

At present, the hotel price in the central area of ​​the Expo has doubled. Considering the traffic pressure of the "May 1" Golden Week and the impact of the peak season of tourism, the Expo in May is not the best choice for the public. Travel agents suggested that if the public wants to take their children to the Expo, it is best to make a trip in June and July. (Taiyuan Evening News)

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