Fashion online consumer women rely more on word of mouth marketing

Morgan Stanley once analyzed that the two directions of the Internet in the future are: one is community-based, and the other is large-scale. These two decisions will survive or die. Communityization is vertical and scale is horizontal. In 2010, B2C was a year of rapid development. More and more excellent B2C websites have sprung up. In 2011, it was a year for B2C to reshuffle, and it is very important to understand the development trend of e-commerce. Community-based e-commerce is now a hot topic. It is overwhelming and ferocious.

As we all know, in fierce competition, it is only by highlighting oneself that we can break through. The traditional and traditional methods are characterized by product differentiation, price differentiation, and service differentiation. After doing these basic tasks, the website traffic has been completed and the conversion rate has been achieved, but the return rate of user shopping has decreased. Therefore, the traditional industry proves that the effect of maintaining an old customer far exceeds the value brought by a new customer. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of user stickiness.

Due to the special nature of Internet consumption, netizens cannot personally identify the products when they conduct online consumption, and rely on the opinions and suggestions of other buyers before generating online consumer behavior. The Internet community has strong interaction and feedback. Therefore, community-based e-commerce will have great potential for development.

There are many cases in this area. For example, Pat Net relies on Tencent's overall resources to build a community-based shopping platform with the largest number of user groups. Many loyal QQ users do not even need to search when shopping, but first consult friends in the group. This kind of recommendation between friends is more accurate and reliable than search, and it also has a greater impact on the user's buying behavior. There is also a typical example: e-commerce website focused on doing value-added products for handheld mobile devices - cool fun network, also adopted a user shopping guide recommended interactive elements.

Under the trend of community-based e-commerce, first of all, the Fimat Mall of the B2C2C emerging model, in the fierce competition, to avoid the Red Sea to develop their own blue ocean. Feimart Mall is an e-commerce platform based on community and word-of-mouth marketing. Unlike other e-commerce websites, in addition to model innovation, Fimat Mall is more like an online large-scale community. Online shop owners can manage their own personalized homepages - "my shop" and can be purchased at Fimat Mall. The introduction of "a lot of commodity resources, and then promote the product through word of mouth publicity. Once the shop owner has successfully introduced the merchandise, he can obtain the rebate provided by the merchant. The sale of goods on the Fairmart store depends on the power of huge human relations channels and word of mouth marketing, because people are more willing to believe in the promotion of their friends and netizens, and businesses on the Fairmart Mall want to open sales channels. High quality products, competitive prices, and excellent service are prerequisites.

Nowadays, the influence of consumer word-of-mouth communication of community users has become increasingly significant. Community e-commerce has formed a scale and formed an industry. More and more traditional enterprises have also made electric network promotion methods. Therefore, it is undeniable that in the next few years, community-based e-commerce will develop rapidly. The brand loyalty of community word-of-mouth marketing cannot be ignored for e-commerce companies.

The data shows that compared with men, women are more influenced by commodity word of mouth, discounts, quality promises, and friend recommendations. In particular, it is 14.2% higher than men in terms of friend recommendation, and 38.1% of the purchase incentives.

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