Foreign trade clerk, based on what customers will place orders for you?

When anyone does most of the choices, they are actually thinking about the cost. Choosing a instead of choosing b is because the cost of choosing a is relatively low. By the same token, the reason why a customer gives you an order without giving it to others is because he feels that it is the most cost-effective to give orders to you. Then we send it forward. If we want to get an order, let the customer think that he has the most cost savings. Or relative savings.

Then in foreign trade, what factors affect the cost? Of course, the price is a very important factor, but only the price? Non-also, there are other such as: delivery, payment methods, basically affect the largest single The factors are these three: price, delivery date, payment method!

Of course, there is a situation where we need to rule out, that is, emotional problems. In the emotional world, sometimes it does not cost, and it can be said that most of the time regardless of cost.

To the foreign trade is that, if, this business personnel with the customer, the spleen cast, let the customer feel professional and sincere, even if these three elements are not optimal, you can still get customers!

The company I worked for last time had a salesperson, and the 85-year-old girl had such a client. When I recruited this little girl into the company, she had no experience at all. It was a good point in foreign languages. I didn't know anything about foreign languages. But there were two things that impressed me: Strong communication skills, sincere, and affinity; Strong ability; originally put her in the assistant, help me with my work, by the way to train to see if you can become talented!

Is such a little girl, but one can pull in one by one, she usually communicates with customers, so that customers like her, I actually do not know, I think it should be a great ingredient when her sincerity, affinity and active it .

Doing nothing to manage, sometimes running to her computer to see her negotiate with the customer, I personally saw her an order process, the customer asked, how much the price is now? She answered, 2000usd. Customer: Your price is relatively high. I received a quote for 1800usd. Can it be cheaper? Her answer: No, sorry, that is the price.

The customer's answer made me catch the eye: Prepare the contract, I trust you!

A list became like this, for the first time, I was surprised and unspeakable at the time! Of course, this is a special case. She is the customer on hand, but it is these customers that let her orders get connected. Great achievements.

This is an example regardless of cost. It is like falling in love. It is to look at your eyes, to have a good mood, and to follow you to eat sob food. I didn't learn these things, and I can't tell everyone about them. Just exclude this special case first. Here we will turn to the topic!

Of course, trying to get customers to recognize you is a marketing tool. It's better to sell yourself than selling something!

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