Four hot spring resorts to visit in the early winter

The autumn breeze blew with some coolness and dryness, occasionally mixed with a few cold rains. This is the best time to enjoy hot springs!
About three or five friends or dragging home to bring your mouth, soak in the warm of the hot springs, any smoke around you lick your eyes, enjoy the "hot spring water slip wash cream" in the blur that leisurely and comfortable, as if all the dust mites All have been washed away, and the mind has become more and more transparent and pure...

Conghua Hot Spring Scenic Area


Conghua Hot Spring

Conghua Hot Spring is located in Guangdong, and it has been famous since ancient times for "Chenhua Wentang is good, Lingnan first spring". Here, the picturesque scenery and numerous layers are more noteworthy. Here is the hot spring water quality: Conghua's hot springs are one of the only rare and precious soda hot springs in the world, and are famous for its European spa in Switzerland. Conghua hot springs are divided into two parts: the east bank of the river and the west bank of the river. The hot springs flow from the bottom of the Liuxi River. There are more than ten springs, and they are distributed on both banks of the Liuxi River. The distant eyes are covered in white mist and the crystals of the river are fine. The water temperature varies from 71 degrees to 30 degrees. The water slide is oily. It is said to be soaked in the pool. People can float and have certain levels of arthritis, hypertension, neurasthenia, and chronic gastroenteritis. Efficacy. Conghua Hot Spring is not only famous: on both sides of the Liuxi River, there are piles of fine sand. People can freely excavate a “bath” in the Windsor, and the spring water will be sprayed from the bottom of the sand. This is the special "Winsa bath" of Conghua. It is very interesting.

Riyuegu Hot Springs Southeast Asia exoticism


Riyuegu Hot Springs

Riyuegu Hot Spring is located in the center of Xiamen Tourism Circle. The traffic is convenient and quiet. Here the environment is fresh, elegant style, full of rich exotic Southeast Asian style. There are 72 open-air hot spring pools and 35 special hot springs such as flavored springs, petal springs, herbal springs, and slate hot springs. There are also exotic food courts, antique Fuluxuan, health club, Moonlight Pavilion, bubble bar, large swimming pool... It can be said that every place is the best choice for enjoying a happy life.

Longsheng Hot Spring in Guangxi: Drifting


Longsheng Hot Spring

Longsheng Hot Spring is located in Longsheng Hot Spring National Forest Park, where the forests are dense, peaks and valleys, clouds and rivers, and streams are the natural oxygen given by nature. Longsheng has a romantic hot spring pool integrated with the forest. The water temperature is between 38 degrees and 58 degrees. The water contains dozens of trace elements such as lithium, antimony, iron, zinc and copper that are beneficial to the human body. Arthritis, etc. have good therapeutic health effects. The hot springs, streams and waterfalls in the forest produce a large amount of negative oxygen ions. They lie back in the open-air hot spring bath and watch the hot air rise. This feeling is really boring.

Yangbajain Hot Spring Cold plateau warmth


Yangbajain Hot Springs

Yangbajing is located on the pond grassland in the northwest of Lhasa City, with an elevation of about 4,300 meters. The boiling hot spring on the cold plateau is a great spectacle here, and Yangbajain is known worldwide. There are large-scale fountains and geysers, hot springs, hot springs, boiling springs, hot water lakes and so on. Yangbajain also boasts the highest water spring in the country, as well as rare explosion springs and intermittent hot springs, and the temperature is maintained at around 47 degrees. Sitting in the warm hot springs, you can see the snow-capped snow-capped mountains. If you are lucky, you run into a hot spring eruption, and you can see the boiling hot springs flowing from spring to sky. This spectacular scene is only in sheep. Eight wells can see!

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