How to declare customs clearance

a) What is the goods to be transported?

Transshipment of goods is a cargo subject to customs supervision. Specifically refers to:

1. After entering the country from the place of entry, apply to the customs for transit and transport to another place of customs clearance for goods subject to import customs formalities.

2. In the place of departure, the export formalities shall be used to carry out the export formalities, and the goods shall be released by the customs of the exit.

3. From a customs clearance point in Guanzhou to another location, goods subject to customs supervision.

(b) Customs clearance procedures for the transport of goods.

1. The domestic carrier engaged in trans-shipment of goods should go through the following procedures for registration and bear the relevant responsibilities.

(1) To apply for the registration formalities of enterprises, means of transport, and drivers to the local or competent customs office, the Customs shall, when deeming it necessary, provide the Customs with guarantees in the form of economic guarantees, bank guarantees, or other forms approved by the Customs.

(2) The carrier shall submit the following documents when completing the registration procedures:

a. A duplicate or photocopy of the business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce;

b. Photocopy of the driving permit issued by the traffic management department;

c. Photocopy of driver's license (ships may be exempt from inspection);

d. Undertaking transport cargo application form. After verification and approval by the customs, the relevant approval certificate of registration is issued.

2. When transacting customs clearance procedures, the applicant shall, in accordance with customs regulations, declare truthfully to the customs and submit the following documents.

(1) Import transit. The customs of the importing country shall fill in three copies of the "Customs Declaration for the Import of Transhipment Goods of the Customs of the People's Republic of China" in triplicate (the international railway transport goods shall be three truck loading lists), and submit relevant documents and freight documents.

To apply for transshipment cargo that belongs to import license application, the import license should be submitted to the Customs authorities of the place of destination in advance. After verification, the Customs office of the place of dispatch will issue the contact list for the import transshipment cargo and send it to the applicant. Entry Customs.

If the air transportation destination is the same as the destination of the international air waybill, the “report” may be exempted, and the customs may stamp the “customs supervision cargo” on the air waybill.

(2) Export transfer. The Customs office of the place of departure should fill in the Customs Declaration Form of the People's Republic of China for customs declaration and payment procedures. After the goods are exported, the Customs office of the place of departure shall send the return receipt to the Customs office of the place of departure.

(3) Carriage of imported transshipment goods shall be submitted to the customs of the importing country within 14 days from the date of declaration of entry into the country by the means of transport. The import formalities shall be submitted to the Customs within 14 days from the date of arrival of the relevant goods to the place of destination. During the above-mentioned period, the Customs shall collect a demurrage charge according to regulations. Imports of transit goods that have not been declared to the Customs office of the place of destination within three months from the date of entry of the means of transport shall be handled by the Customs in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China.

(4) In addition to the normal goods import and export bonded warehouse procedures, the transshipment of goods between bonded warehouses shall be completed in accordance with the relevant provisions of (1) Import “Import Customs Clearance” mentioned above, and The name of the bonded warehouse in which the goods will be deposited is indicated in the "field" column, and the import and export goods declaration is no longer filled in.

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