Iceland is expected to become a new summer resort for tourists in China this summer.

With the advent of the hot summer and the dissipating effects of volcanic ash, Iceland is expected to become a new summer resort for tourists in China. At present, Caesars International Travel Service and China Travel Service Headquarters have launched Icelandic tourism products this summer.


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“Chinese tourists like Iceland, and the Icelandic people also welcome Chinese tourists. With the disintegration of volcanic ash, Chinese tourists are expected to resume their growth.” said Hai Haifu, cultural and business representative of the Icelandic Embassy in China, last year due to the influence of volcanic ash. More than 5,100 Chinese people visited Iceland, a significant decrease from the 10,000 in 2006.

Yan Haifu said that volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers, waterfalls, seafood, etc. have all become the reasons why Chinese tourists choose Icelandic tourism. Although it is located in the Arctic Circle, Iceland is affected by ocean currents and is warm in winter and cool in summer. “At present, Chinese tourists can take a flight to Iceland via Air China, Scandinavian Airlines and Finnair. In order to welcome Chinese tourists, some schools in Iceland have also begun to teach Chinese and send international students to study Chinese in the north.”

According to reports, the Icelandic capital Reykjavik, known as the “smoke-free city”, provides energy for urban industry due to geothermal heat, and there is almost no pollution in the city. There are no skyscrapers here, the houses are small and exquisite, and they are painted in red, green and green colors. Under the sun, they are colorful and colorful. “In a society that values ​​nature, Chinese tourists can enjoy some unique outdoor sports such as midnight golf, salmon fishing, glacial expeditions and whale watching.” He Haifu added.

Akureyri is the largest port in northern Iceland. It is backed by snow-capped mountains and faces Bihu with beautiful scenery. Akureyri’s midnight sun is a big wonder in the area. Every year in June and July, the sun is almost everywhere. "Akureyri has the northernmost botanical garden on the earth. The garden is planted with more than 2,000 species of flowers and trees transplanted from various countries, including Chinese chrysanthemums. Chinese tourists who love chrysanthemums can feel the beauty of "the chrysanthemums of the Arctic Circle". (Travel News)

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