Introducing Xingyi Tourism by Premier Wen’s prose "Returning to Xingyi Yi Yaobang"

On April 3, 2010, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council visited the southwestern part of Guizhou Province to see the drought. He looked at the mountains and rivers of Xingyi. He couldn't help but think of the situation of the investigation and investigation with the comrades in the Xingyi 24 years ago...

On April 3, 2010, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council visited the southwestern part of Guizhou to see the drought. He looked at the mountains and rivers of Xingyi. He couldn't help but think of the situation of the comrades in the Xingyi investigation and investigation 24 years ago. He wrote a famous prose. Returning to Xingyi Yi Yaobang, this is ranked first in the 2010 national prose. Read Premier Wen’s recollection articles and look back on the past. In addition to understanding the moving moves of Hu Yaobang as the party and state leaders, and the current human spirit of Premier Wen’s love for the people and the people, we also feel the true roots, conscience and good moral character of the Communists.

The Prime Minister inspected the drought in Xingyi, Guizhou, and left the place to evoke the past, especially the change of Xingyi. As described in the article: "On April 3 this year, when I came to Xingyi again, I couldn't believe my eyes: the small town that was originally low and backward has developed into a modern city with high buildings, Xingyi City. The area now is more than four times larger than in 1986, and the urban population has nearly tripled." "The poverty-stricken areas in southwestern China that he has been worried about have undergone earth-shaking changes."

The article describes: "Walk on this land and look at the mountains and rivers here."

"Time flies. Comrade Yaobang led us to look at the situation in the southwest when it was in sight, as if it was yesterday." "Return to Xingyi, and repay the past."

The details in the text: "Speaking of people, touching the scenes. The scenes of the comrades of Yaobang sent me during the night visit are in front of me. The idea of ​​re-finding in the old place is very strong. After dinner that day, I quietly took a few accompanying comrades to leave the station. I want to find the village that I visited in the past ten years. On the brightly-lit Panjiang Road, there are many shops, which are very lively. The original village was no longer there, and it was replaced by a tall building. ”

The Prime Minister’s article clearly shows that the development of Xingyi City is striding along the socialist road with Chinese characteristics.

Overview of Xingyi City:

Xingyi City is located in the junction of the three provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi and Guizhou. It is currently one of the central cities in southwestern China. It is the capital of southwestern Guizhou. It is the political, economic, cultural, scientific and educational center of southwest Guizhou and an important transportation and communication hub in Southwest China. At the same time, it is an industrial base and a business center, and it is also a tourist service center.

Xingyi has beautiful mountains and rivers and pleasant climate. It belongs to the mid-subtropical climate with an average annual temperature of 16.1 °C. Xingyi is a famous person, here is the hometown of Mr. He Yingqin, Mr. Wang Boqun and Minister Zhang Zhidong. There are simple and ethnic ethnic customs and hospitable families and children. There are rich and colorful natural landscapes, rich water resources, mineral resources, Chinese herbal medicines and economic forest resources, and the development prospects are broad. Wanfeng Lake with an area of ​​816 square kilometers near the urban area should be China's largest wild fishing paradise. It is a tourist sacred place to be developed. The national-level scenic spot Maling River Gorge is China's longest canyon, 4A-level scenic area Wanfeng Lin is China's most beautiful mountain forest, the original national industrial tourism demonstration area Guizhou alcohol winery, etc., making Xingyi become China's outstanding tourist city, China's best leisure tourism city, the country's top ten leisure and livable ecological city, China's most beautiful The place, the hometown of Chinese ornamental stone, and the pearl of tourism in western China. Premier Wen’s “walking on this land and looking at the mountains and rivers” in the text explains the great potential of Xingyi’s tourism industry.

Today, there are several five-star hotels, four-star and three-star hotels in Xingyi City, and a number of budget hotels. There are five five-star hotels that will open in 2011 at the “Travel Conference”. The province is in a leading position, especially the most personalized service of Xingyi Sansheng Hotel can compete with the domestic national brand hotel pioneer.

The enthusiastic Xingyi people sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad to come to Xingyi Tourism to come to Xingyi to invest in tourism. (Text / Xingyi Sansheng Hotel Peng Changmao)

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