Jiangsu: Last year, real estate investment increased by 30%

According to the statistics released by the Statistics Bureau of Jiangsu Province, although the property market has been gradually declining in 2011, the province has completed a total investment of 555.27 billion yuan in real estate development, an increase of 29.2% year-on-year, of which more than 70% of investment is still residential. The growth rate in southern Jiangsu has slowed down, and the growth in investment in real estate development in Central and Central China remains strong.

Statistics show that from January to December 2011, the province’s residential construction area was 310 million square meters, an increase of 15.6% year-on-year. If calculated on an average of 100 square meters per unit, this group of upcoming listings will be available for around 3 million. Family living. Among them, the new construction area was 110 million square meters, an increase of 5.4% over the same period of last year. Both the construction area and the newly-started area growth rate showed a downward trend month by month.

From January to December last year, the investment in real estate development in the province was 7.7 percentage points higher than the growth in fixed asset investment over the same period. However, from the first quarter to the fourth quarter, the growth rate fell slightly quarter by quarter. In terms of regions, investment in Southern Jiangsu, Central Jiangsu, and Northern Jiangsu respectively reached 364.74 billion yuan, 80.67 billion yuan, and 109.86 billion yuan, up 29.3%, 36.7%, and 23.6% year-on-year, respectively, of which residential growth was 28.3%, 35.1%, and 28.6 respectively. %. The growth of investment in the development of the Central Soviet Union is strong and the growth rate in southern Jiangsu has slowed down. This also shows that the property market has been more affected by the policies in the southern Jiangsu region where the control policies are more rigorous.

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