New Year's Car Rentals Increase in Prices by Over 50%

The peak period of car rental reappears with the arrival of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon. The reporter learned that during the long holidays of the Spring Festival, the car rental situation of many large-scale car rental companies in Beijing was better than the same period of last year, and the occupancy rate on New Year's Eve, the first one, and the second day of the car was close to 100%. In order to solve the problem of renting cars during the Spring Festival, Shenzhou Car Rental specially mobilized hundreds of “emergency” from outside.

Taxi-type generally favored The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhou Car Rental Company stated that there was a relatively high occupancy rate in the Beijing area since the Spring Festival and one week later. Therefore, before the Spring Festival, China Car Rental Company urgently transferred back hundreds of vehicles from other places for support. Statistics show that due to the increase in base number, the average daily occupancy rate during the Spring Festival holiday is basically the same as last year, which is about 80%.

He told reporters that due to the high occupancy rate, almost all models are more popular bookings.

A relevant person in charge of car rental said that in recent years, the domestic car rental market has been developing rapidly and the scheduled peaks are getting more and more advanced.

Data shows that from the end of November to mid-December last year, the occupancy rate of the Beijing market has reached over 86%. Later, in order to meet the needs of more users for the Spring Festival rental car as much as possible, in December last year, they put more than 1,000 new cars on the market. At the end of December last year, the peak of car rental reappeared, and the occupancy rate in the Beijing market again exceeded 86%. A rental car is expected, the peak of this car rental will begin to decline in early February 2012.

The rental price rose at least 30% of Jackie Chan Spring Festival, because to go to Liaoning to pick up relatives, Mr. Zhang rented a Volkswagen Bora at a price of RMB 500 per day for a rental car, two days, plus some other expenses, totaling more than RMB 1,000. Mr. Zhang said that he could accept because he could not buy a train ticket.

Mr. Zhang told reporters that car rental has become part of daily life for him, and business meetings, outings, and family and friends gatherings are very convenient.

However, compared with the usual prices, during the Spring Festival rental prices have a certain increase, more than 30%, and some models are more than 50%.

A relevant person in charge of car rental said that, unlike in previous years, most of the vehicles that were booked in advance were economic vehicles last year, and this year, the medium- and high-end vehicles were first booked.

Zhang Yibing, a car rental expert, told reporters that the role of the car rental industry as an effective complement to public transport has become increasingly significant. "Especially during the Spring Festival, the lack of public transport capacity is obvious."

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