New Zealand Tourism Board "Play Match" invites you to enjoy a free tour of New Zealand with five relatives and friends

In line with the new round of marketing campaign with the theme of “100% pure you”, Tourism New Zealand launched the “Pure New Zealand, 100% Awakening Journey” network in mainland China to make full use of the...

In line with the new round of marketing campaign with the theme of “100% Pure You”, Tourism New Zealand launched the “Pure New Zealand, 100% Awakening Journey” network event in mainland China, making full use of the interaction of social media and calling for consumption. Through Sina Weibo and MSN, we invite friends and family to invite and experience New Zealand's special tourism projects. Through an interesting matching session, the event allows participants and invited friends to learn more about New Zealand's rich tourist attractions and tourism projects and the wake-up experience they provide, encouraging more Chinese tourists to travel to New Zealand and embark on a wake-up trip. .


The network event was officially launched on April 15th (Friday) and will continue until May 31st. Users only need to log in to the event website and choose to connect to Sina Weibo or MSN to get the invitee (ie the buddy list). Next, select a city or region on the New Zealand map and select a travel item. Finally, the selected friends are paired with the selected travel item. Every five friends will form a six-person team with you. When all five of the invitees in the same group successfully respond to the invitation, the participants will have the chance to win the event award - "1+5 New Zealand 6-person trip" Experience the pure New Zealand with five invited relatives and friends.

Mark Frood, General Manager of Tourism Asia in Asia, said: “The New Zealand Tourism Board officially launched the new marketing slogan '100% Pure You' in January this year, placing the unique experience of visitors at the heart of the promotion. Slogan, we launched the “Pure New Zealand, 100% Awakening Journey” network activity through the online platform and social media, allowing Chinese tourists to independently match interesting New Zealand tourism projects with their friends and relatives, which fully reflects our personal visitors. The emphasis on experience."

“We believe this interesting 'Pure New Zealand, 100% Awakening Journey' network event will attract more visitors to experience New Zealand,” Fumark said. “In the future, New Zealand visa procedures will be more streamlined and quicker, making it more convenient. Chinese tourists travel to New Zealand to experience a pure journey. In terms of transportation, there are more choices for tourists. Air New Zealand will open flights from Shanghai and Beijing to Auckland at the end of the year. In addition, China Southern Airlines has officially opened recently. Direct flights from Guangzhou to Auckland."


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