Short-term loans surging real estate

Wang took out his real estate license and ID card to a security company. Her aim is to raise the down payment for the second house purchase plan. Xiao Wang said: "I intend to purchase another large-sized apartment in second-tier cities, but the first payment is still short of more than 200,000."

The security company's staff looked at the real estate license and said: "There is no problem with 200,000 yuan, and we can guarantee that we can put down the money within 15 working days. The fee is also lower than before, and it will be pumped into 2.5%."

This made Xiao Wang, who had been a telephone consultant, a bit surprised because the guarantee company had said in a telephone consultation that it is uncertain whether the loan can be borrowed. I need to come to the company to consult on the counter and the charge is relatively high, at more than 3%.

Since the regulation and control, the original restrictive home mortgage loan cannot be used for the purpose of purchasing a house, and it has now been broken. In September 2010, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the Central Bank issued a notice stating that consumer loans must not be used for purchase of houses. I love my family once said that in the surge of housing prices in 2010, more than 40% of the funds for housing re-mortgage loans were used to purchase homes.

Wang Xiao, who has been planning to buy a second suite, said that since September last year, the guarantee companies that had contacted before had said that they could no longer handle the business. "At one time, the idea of ​​buying a house was eliminated."

However, since April of this year, the market has spread news that certain bank guarantee agencies in Beijing can provide home mortgage loans at interest rates of 6.31% for a maximum period of 15 years and can “pour” cash, and not Designated and supervised use.

The contract has not been signed for half an hour. The lending bank is a city commercial bank. The guarantee company stated that the loan procedures for more than five years are more complicated. It is recommended that you loan for two years and short-term, pay only interest on a monthly basis, and pay off the principal when due. Such short-term loans do not need to provide any proof of income work, nor do they need the bank account's running data.

In the end, Xiao Wang’s interest on mortgage loans rose by 30% from the benchmark interest rate of 6.31% to more than 7%. The repayment method agreed upon by both parties is also relatively flexible. Xiao Wang can repay the loan in advance after one month of loan payment.

However, what makes Xiao Wang somewhat puzzled is that the security company asked for a copy of its third party's ID. "From the third person's basic information, do not see any contact with you. Do not provide parents or other close relatives, preferably university students or company colleagues." The guarantee company said.

The security company said vividly: “Through the third person is equivalent to “washing” the money once. After the bank loan is bailed out, don’t go to the designated counter to take cash through the form of counter transfer or online transfer, and it is better to save the money separately. To other bank accounts."

Zhang Jie, chief analyst of Tiger Capital Investment, said that the reason why these guarantee companies went to some city commercial banks instead of the four major commercial banks, because the data of the four major banks will be placed on the platform of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and local commercial banks, In particular, the IT systems of the city commercial banks and rural credit cooperatives and the China Banking Regulatory Commission have not been synchronized.

Zhang Hao said that, as far as I know, some local commercial banks have also used homeowners to apply for credit cards with a large amount of credit to help them deal with down payments. Some rural credit systems are also actively financing real estate. "Is not the purchase of money in general by means of credit card? Bank directly to do credit card, credit card on the spot."

Obviously, these funds have escaped the supervision of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the Central Bank. Those familiar with the banking business said that the money may come from profit-making funds of commercial banks. In the case of tight quotas, they become "loan loans" that are higher than the benchmark lending rate. They may also come from other sources. Guarantee companies and banks are intermediary.

This trend has also emerged from the macro data. In the “April Financial Statistics Report” issued by the People’s Bank of China, short-term loans increased by RMB 136 billion, while medium- and long-term loans did not increase much. Correspondingly, the growth rate of auto consumption declined during the month, and consumption of home appliances also slowed down. “We can roughly deduce that these large-scale increases in short-term loans have mainly flowed into the real estate sector,” said Zhang Jie, chief analyst of Tiger Capital Investment.

Zhang Hao said that in April the growth rate of car consumption declined, household appliances consumption also appeared to slow down, and home appliances are still mainly rely on the support of home appliances to the countryside policy, the major home appliances companies have reflected that the entire 51 market sales situation is not optimistic "We can roughly deduce that these increased short-term loans have mainly flowed into the real estate sector."

In addition, at the beginning of May, the Chain Home Real Estate Market Department stated that in the recent loan transactions, they found a trend that the number of home buyers taking mortgage loans has risen significantly. In April, the number of chain-agent mortgage business loans rose by 30% from March.

Zhang Hao said that although the CBRC repeatedly stated that it would strengthen the implementation of new loan regulations and supervision of real estate trust businesses, “You must not be too serious about China’s affairs. If the CBRC really wants to manage, the market will not be able to appear so much. In addition, in the second half of the year when the macro economy is not optimistic, the government will loosen the current credit tightening policy."

The guarantee company said: “If the operation is not careful, it will be discovered by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and will require the bank to take back the loan. However, we will send guidance to the entire process.”

In the company downstairs, Xiao Wang said: “Many people who come to handle the guarantees are glanced at. They are mostly borrowing 600,000 or 700,000.” Compared to their own loan needs of 200,000 yuan, these “family room sisters” "Their hunger and thirst are even stronger!

In addition, Xiaowang’s “room ticket” for home purchases has been resolved. For one year's local social security, the developer’s offer in early May was 5,000 yuan, which was 2,000 yuan cheaper than in April.

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