The construction team excavated the mysterious tomb artifacts known as Wang Bozhi’s tomb.

He is a Confucianist in the Southern Song Dynasty, and he is known as one of the “Mr. Jinhua Si”.
In the Temple of Confucius, there is also a portrait of him
After 800 years of vicissitudes, where he was buried has always been a mystery.
Recently, Wang's descendants found his tomb with a genealogy of the Republic of China.
Find the Tomb of Wang Bai
There is a large open space opposite Zhishi Street at the entrance of Zize Normal University, next to Zize Street, which was requisitioned several years ago. After the demolition, a new community will be built.
In the past few days, the construction team is flattening the land, and the original ups and downs have basically been flattened.
Last weekend, a group of people came here. They chose a place to start digging and seemed to be looking for something.
"Wang Bai's tomb was found, if it is really there!" Suddenly someone shouted excitedly.
Who is Wang Bo?
In the history of Jinhua, there are many celebrities, but Wang Bai is not the only one who knows.
Wang Bo is a member of the Southern Song Dynasty, the word will be, Quzhou people.
When Wang Bo juvenile, he admired Zhuge Liang as a man. After 30 years of age, he felt that his number was "abusive" and he changed his name to "Luzhai" and worshipped He Ji as a teacher to learn Confucianism.
This is He Jin who is also a disciple of Zhu Xi. Since the death of Zhu Xi, the Confucian School of the Song dynasty, Lin Lizhen, and Zhu Xue, who was an expert in Zhejiang, inherited from his disciples He Ji.
Afterwards, He Ji, Wang Bo, Jin Luxiang, and Xu Qian were the four Confucian scholars of Jinhua. They were also called “Mr. Jinhua Si”, also known as “Mr. Beishan Si”.
As an authentic descendant of Confucianism, the portrait of Wang Bai in the present Confucian Temple is also enshrined. His deeds are also recorded in the history of the Song Dynasty.
His tomb was once listed in the protection list
Recently, Cheng Yuzhi of the Institute for the Study of Yi Culture has been reviewing Jinhua County Records for years. He found such records in the chapter of “Houses and Tombs” in “Jinhua County” during the reign of Emperor Guangxu:
"The first Confucian monk Wen Xian Wang Bo's tomb, the county's northwest female township Jincun's Huai Yuan, Ye Zigeng wrote the ambitions. Case: Jincun, see Yan Zhi. Daoguangzhi: The tomb looked at the mountain ridge in the lotus pond corner, also the past and the same name. Case: The tomb entered the defense record."
The general meaning of this passage is: The tomb of Wang Bai, nicknamed Wen Xian, is in a place called Jin Village in the northwestern female township of Jinhua City (now in the area of ​​Zhejiang Normal University). The tomb is surrounded by mountains, and Ye Qieng wrote the epitaph. Ming. On the epitaph, there is also the word Kim Village. According to the record of the county records in the Daoguang period, the tombs in the mountain range at Hexietangjiao may be different between ancient and modern place names and cannot be verified. In addition, Wang Bo’s tomb was assigned to the protection list by Jin Hua’s house at that time and was protected as a cultural relic.
Cheng Yuzhi realized that Wang Bo's tomb is likely to be in the Lotus Pond Village.
A clue in the genealogy of the kings of the Republic of China
Cheng Yuzhi immediately told his important findings in the county records to his friends at the Wangshi IV Yipin Society. This research meeting was established by Wang Bo in Jinhua's descendants organization. Members are all descendants of Wang.
On the morning of December 26th, more than 20 Wang descendants from Jindong District and Yiwu rushed to the construction site. They also carried an important clue: The Fenglin King was rebuilt in 1922. Genealogy.
There is a topographic map on the genealogical map. Wang Bo's tomb is drawn between the ring-shaped mountains and sits east and west. The tombstone reads the words “Lu Zhaigong”. There are two pillars in front of the tomb. In the southeast corner, there are several houses marked as "Lianhuatangjiao".
The people asked one by one and found that this vacant lot originally belonged to Hehuatangjiao Village. The village was named after a nearby pond called “Lotus Pond”.
Soon, two blue-gray pillars more than 3 meters tall were found.
“There is a pillar of stone and there is a lotus pond in Tangjiao Village. Wang Bo’s tomb is definitely here.” Although no more conclusive evidence has been found, Wang Hongxiao, Chairman of the Wang’s Fourth Generation Research Institute, could not restrain himself from excitement. “Tombs It must be here. Dig down to find it."
He bought a few incense candles and gave them to the crowd, and he worshipped his ancestors at the pillars.
Cultural experts discovered the ancient tomb after excavation
On the eastern side of the pillar, there is a pit of two or three meters deep. A nearby construction worker said that the pit was excavated during their operation. At that time, most of the stone pillars were still buried in the earth. The two pillars were old and the workers did not dare to move.
So, is this really under Wang Bo’s tomb?
Wang's descendants are convinced of this, they immediately informed the Jinhua Cultural Relics Bureau and arranged for manpower to watch the cemetery.
"If the news is passed out, what should someone do to steal the tomb?" Wang Hongxiao appeared very cautious.
On December 27th, Wang's descendants found half a tombstone in the lotus pond, which reads "Lu Zhai," two large characters. Lu Zhai is the number of Wang Bai. According to the topographic map of the family tree, his tombstone was engraved. The "tomb of Luzhai".
“The local villagers said that a monument was originally complete. It was later split into two and placed on the edge of the pond.” Unfortunately, Wang’s descendants spent half a day looking at the pond and used a long rod to explore the bottom of the pond. A few times, he could not find the other half tombstone.
On December 28, staff of the Jinhua Cultural Relics Bureau dug a row of slabs 20 meters east of the site of the stone pillars.
“Below the stone slab is a tomb,” said Jiang Jinzhi, an expert from the Cultural Relics Bureau.
Unfortunately, no valuable artifacts have been found in this tomb. Experts have speculated that the ancient tomb may have been visited by robbers.
Zhejiang Normal University experts believe that this tomb should be Wang Bai’s
Gong Jianfeng, a graduate student tutor of the History Department of Zhejiang Normal University’s School of Humanities, told reporters that according to “Jinhua County Chronicle” and other documents, the area of ​​Wang Bo’s tomb is already very small. Previously, only the exact location could not be found. “There is no near the lotus pond corner. The cemetery of other famous people records that this graves should be Wang Pak's."
The Wang's descendants, Wang Hongxiao, also believed that the orientation of the tomb found was consistent with the records in the clan genealogy. This is also a strong proof that this tomb is the tomb of Wang Bo.
In Gong Jianfeng's collection of books, there was a note written by the Ming Dynasty in 1515: Mr. Lu Zhai retired the original village of Jin Chai Ling Jin Cun in Jinhua County, where she was reborn in November of the 10th century. Sixty acres of cemetery, children and grandchildren keep it.
“I translated the time. It was said that Wang Bo was buried on December 11, 1274, and it was exactly 737 years after Wang’s descendants found his tomb.” Gong Jianfeng said.
Among the “Mr. Beishan IV”, the tombs of He Ji, Xu Qian, and Jin Lüxiang were found in Yau Ma Tong in Andi, diligent communities in New Lion Street, and Houjin Village in Tongshan, Zhifu Township, Lanxi. The tomb of Wang Bai was left alone. This time, the four people were finally "reunion".
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