The International Airport is an indispensable facility for the World Tourism and Leisure Centre.

Last week, a major newspaper published a speech by a scholar, pointing out that Macau International Airport had more than 4.07 million passengers in 2010, down about 4% from 4.25 million in 2009, although there are extraordinary airlines (Viva Macau). The impact of the completion of the business, but the extraordinary annual reception of 200,000 people into it, but only slightly higher than last year; that the Macau airport passengers underperform the market is related to the size of the market. The article also takes the full suspension of Mandala Airlines, which operates the Indonesia-Macau route, as an example. It proposes that the Macao Special Administrative Region Government revise the funding policy to compensate for market shortages.

The author did not fully agree with the scholar's opinion. Since 2008, Macao International Airport has been affected by direct cross-strait direct flights, resulting in a significant decrease in the number of transit passengers. Last year, the number of passengers was affected by extraordinary suspensions. Therefore, it is difficult to recover the peak of 2007 and 2008. Civil aviation circles pointed out that the civil aviation market around Macao is not small. The main reason for the slight decline in passenger traffic at the Macau International Airport last year is that the fares of some airlines are not as cheap as those of nearby airports. Passengers choose airports such as Guangzhou or Shenzhen. Second, the capacity of Air Macau Co., Ltd. (Air Macau Co., Ltd.) has not increased, and it is still highly dependent on the base airport's Macau International Airport. It is difficult to make a breakthrough. As for the suspension of Mandala Airlines in Indonesia, it is not a problem in the Macau market, but the company needs to undergo internal restructuring. In fact, the attendance rate of the Mandala Airlines Macau route is more than 50%, which is profitable. There are no profitable businesses, no one is doing it. The industry believes that in the near future, the Indonesian-Macau route will be able to go around.

Some scholars also pointed out that although the Macau airport has been developing its low-cost breakouts in recent years, the Guangzhou and Shenzhen airports have great economic benefits and a wide potential market. It is believed that they will soon become a market for low-cost development. Although faced with many difficulties, the airport is a service organization, which is a facility that directly introduces and exports passengers. Therefore, it needs to be retained and study how to avoid being marginalized in the competition of the Pearl River Delta Airport.

Since the reunification, the Macao Special Administrative Region Government has made reasonable plans for various large-scale construction, and local public opinion considers it to be an extremely effective way. At present, Macao has developed into an international tourism and entertainment city. Last year, more than 25 million visitors visited Australia. The per capita GDP ranks among the top in Asia and is now gradually moving towards the international tourism and leisure center. In the civil aviation field, the SAR government also has a series of positive actions. In the first SAR government gazette in 2011, the Chief Executive, Chui Sai On, instructed ADP Ingenierie, which had participated in the planning of several large airports in Asia, to enter into a service contract for the development of the overall development plan for the Macau International Airport, with a value of US$400,000. A spokesman for the Macau Civil Aviation Authority said that the report will target the development of the airport in five years, 10 years and 20 years with a target year of 2030. It plans to increase the area of ​​the apron and expand the area of ​​the terminal building according to development needs. Optimize the runway to meet ICAO standards. According to the price, the familiarity of bidders in the development of the civil aviation industry in the Pearl River Delta region, the experience of bidders in formulating the overall development plan of the airport, the experience of personnel participating in the formulation of the overall development plan of the airport, and the submitted work plan, ADP Ingenierie obtained The award service of the "Macau International Airport Overall Development Plan". The company has participated in large-scale airport planning projects including Beijing Capital International Airport, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Urumqi Diwobao International Airport, and Incheon International Airport. The study is expected to begin in February and will be completed in the second quarter. The report plans to increase the apron area, expand the terminal building area, and optimize the runway to meet ICAO standards. The Macau Civil Aviation Authority will make an overall plan for airport development as recommended in the report.

In recent years, the Macau International Airport has continuously taken measures to integrate into the regional development pattern. This is the correct strategy. Last year, five airports in the Pearl River Delta region, including the Macau Airport, jointly signed the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta Region in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region, expanding the cooperation scope of the Pearl River Delta Airport from five major airports to more than a dozen. The scope of the project covers the nine provinces and cities in the Mainland and the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region. The cooperation between the Macau International Airport and the surrounding airports has expanded.

The five major airports in the Pearl River Delta have clearly defined the Macau International Airport as a multi-functional small and medium-sized international airport. In line with Macau's goal of positioning itself as a world tourism and leisure centre, the SAR Government has conducted a market research and strategic advisory report on the civil aviation industry in Macau to predict the impact of the future regional transport system on the civil aviation industry and the maritime industry, as well as the use of Macau airports by passengers. Channels to assist the aviation industry and the maritime industry to formulate strategies for sustainable development, better plan the corresponding facilities at each port, design a better air and sea transport corridor, and formulate the Macao civil aviation industry in line with the Pearl River Delta reform and development plan The medium- and long-term plan for the specific strategy of positioning in the direction of Macao's civil aviation industry in the Pearl River Delta's sustainable development, to achieve complementary advantages. On the other hand, the five major airports in the Pearl River Delta have established direct access routes for “airport intermodal transport” between sea and land, and combined with the maritime transport network to enhance the docking capacity with the Taipa Ferry Terminal and promote the airport to achieve multi-modal “sea, land and air transport” mode. It is expected that Macau will become a livable and accessible city with a smooth transportation network. Both the SAR Government and the business community understand that the international airport has become one of the indispensable infrastructure facilities for the world tourism and leisure center in Macau.

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