The scenery is good here - Qiandao Caihua Scenic Area Interview Notes

The Qiandao Qiandao Caihua Scenic Spot, which won the second place in the “National Most Beautiful Rape Flower Sea”, has won the favor of domestic and foreign tourists with its unique water features. To dress up the beauty area, after the cauliflower festival last year, I...


The Qiandao Qiandao Caihua Scenic Spot, which won the second place in the “National Most Beautiful Rape Flower Sea”, has won the favor of domestic and foreign tourists with its unique water features. In order to dress up the beauty area, after the Cauliflower Festival last year, the city launched a new round of construction of the scenic spot, with a total investment of more than 20 million yuan, the implementation of the scenic area cylinder (cylinder Gu) West (Xi Bao) road reconstruction project and scenic spots construction project. It not only eases the problem of difficult transportation, difficult parking, and difficulty in eating, but also increases the viewing area of ​​the scenic spot by three times. If visitors want to “walk around” the scenic spot, it will take at least half a day, but only one or two hours last year, there will be no It is fun to play.

Antique boat on the bird's eye view of the sea of ​​flowers

On March 10, the reporter went to the Qiandao Caihua Scenic Area in Canggu Township. Standing in the business center of Qiandao Caihua Scenic Area, looking east, a building like a boat is like a mirage.

"This is the antique ship, it is both a landscape and a place to serve tourists." Cang Guxiang Party Secretary Qi Weirong told reporters that the ship is 13.46 meters high and designed by the provincial professional design company. The boat has three floors, each with a usable area of ​​500 square meters. The first floor is a lounge for tourists to visit. The second floor is a music tea bar for tourists to drink tea and listen to songs. The third floor is for sightseeing halls. Tourists sightseeing and photography. The ship's wooden structure is made of high-quality anti-corrosion wood, and the cost is 2 million yuan.

The reporter boarded the ship that was under construction. Oh, the entire scenic spot is unobstructed, and the green and green dishes on the grid are all in sight. The berth echoes the sightseeing tower of Hexi, forming two symmetrical attractions.

"Swinging" on the ropeway bridge

"It is the bridge under construction that connects the new and old scenic spots into one piece, which makes the scenic area extend." Following the gesture of Wei Weirong, the reporter found that on the river between the new and old scenic spots, the bridges on both sides of the river face each other. build. The peculiar shape and raised column frame indicate that this is a distinctive bridge.

It turned out that this is a ropeway bridge. The technician who is under construction told the reporter that the bridge is 30 meters long and 3 meters wide, and the bridge is 6 meters above the bank. After the completion of the cable bridge is a landscape bridge, in addition to the ropeway paved on the cable bottom, there are many ropes on both sides of the ropeway, so climbing is very safe.

“When people walk on the ropeway bridge, they can find the feeling of swinging and increase the fun of sightseeing.” A technician who built the cable bridge said. The cableway bridge is also a scenic spot for taking photos. The water is flowing at the foot and the rapeseed sea is on both sides. Imagine how beautiful and beautiful the scenery on the cableway bridge is. In addition, because the ropeway bridge is far higher than the bank, it is still a "winning place."

Triple increase in the tour area

Climb the cableway bridge and enter the new scenic spot. The two paved roads extend to the northeast. On the road with a total length of 5,000 meters, eight wooden bridges of different shapes were set up, which were connected with the original scenic wooden plank road. The area of ​​the scenic spot expanded more than three times and reached 4,000 mu.

In the past, the 7-800-meter wooden plank road and the upstream boat line, the tourists stayed in the scenic area for only about two hours, and now with the expansion of the area, the scenic cruise ship has also increased from more than 40 last year to 150, the cruise ship The number of terminals has also increased from one to three, and the cruise line can reach any one of the grids. Visitors can board the boat anywhere in the scenic spot.

In addition, the west side of the scenic spot has also opened a service area of ​​80 acres. Among them, the two parking lots cover an area of ​​40,000 square meters and can accommodate 200 buses and 300 cars.

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