Tour Hengshan Scenic Area along the footsteps of Xu Xiake

This year, Shanxi Hengshan Scenic Area will focus on the creation of scenic mountains, cultural famous mountains, historical mountains, religious mountains and tourist famous mountains.

This year, Hengshan Mountain Scenic Spot in Shanxi will focus on the establishment of the “Five Business Cards” of the famous scenic mountains, cultural famous mountains, historical famous mountains, religious mountains and famous tourist mountains, and fully implement the restoration project of Yuemenwan Ancient Buildings, the restoration project of Hangkong Temple Scenic Spots, and the ecological greening of Hengshan Qianshanyangpo Six major projects, including the project, the suspension of the village, the overall relocation of Tangjiazhuang Village and the subsequent comprehensive environmental improvement project. After the restoration is completed, visitors will be able to enjoy the scenery along the route of Xu Xiake.

According to the relevant person in charge of the scenic spot, the restoration project of the ancient buildings of Yuemen Bay mainly includes four platforms of Sanyuan Palace, the main engineering construction of the Baiyi Hall and the Tourist Service Center and the surrounding environment rectification; the restoration project of the Hangkong Temple scenic spot, mainly restores the natural river channel and The three ancient plank roads implement the diversion of people and vehicles, allowing them to re-taste the Xu Xiake tour route, increase the tourist interest, restore the natural original ecology of the suspended water environment and vegetation, and the series of projects such as Hengshan Qianshanyangpo ecological greening. It mainly includes the treatment of dangerous rock in the periphery of the scenic spot, the renovation of roads and slopes, etc.; the implementation of the overall relocation of the Shujialing Village and Tangjiazhuang Village and the subsequent comprehensive environmental improvement project will be carried out. After the demolition is completed, the attractions of the Shulingling will be combined with the unique Taoism. Health culture, construction of leisure and health activities with Zhaitang, tea room, music hall; Tangjiazhuang Xinshanmen attractions will build a large parking lot and tour bus transfer station, set tickets, special restaurants, commercial streets, folk activities as one integrated Sexual collection center. In addition, the Hengshan Tunnel Dongtianfu Site and the implementation of the Hengshan Cableway Relocation Project will be added.

At the same time, in the process of comprehensively promoting the construction of the Grand Scenic Area, we will pay close attention to the work of the Wuyue joint application for the legacy and promote the entry of the Wuyue application into the international process. In accordance with the requirements of the “World Heritage Evaluation Standards”, special promotional videos and brochures will be produced, and the joint resources will be integrated by means of joint promotion, exhibition recommendation, festival propaganda and other means between Wuyue Alliance and Brothers Scenic Spot, and the tourism of Beiyue Hengshan will be vigorously carried out. The boutique promotion activities will effectively increase the publicity of Hengshan Scenic Area and further expand the popularity of Hengshan. Deeply dig the cultural connotation of Hengshan, and strongly create the Beiyue Hengshan gold-plated signboard, and at the same time, the gold-plated signboard will be more and more bright.

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