Travel is a practice

"Life is a kind of practice, and travel is also." This is the end of an article written before my "11" holiday. During the "11" period, I’m going to Inner Mongolia’s Ejina, feeling deeper, traveling, and...

"Life is a kind of practice, and travel is also." This is the end of an article written before my "11" holiday. During the "11" period, Ejina, who traveled to Inner Mongolia by car, felt deeply that travel was actually a practice.

I like to use the word "travel" instead of "tourism", and I don't mean to have a deep idea. There are more places to go, and there are more things to see. I feel that travel is closer to the essence of Wanli Road, Wanli Road: the combination of thinking and doing, unity of knowledge and action. Of course, this trip is not the same, but how different is the kernel?

Along the way, I received a long-distance call from a small girlfriend from Shanghai every day to psychologically guide her. She was deeply entangled for half a year due to personal emotional problems, and concentrated before the festival. The strange thing is that when I introduce her again, I feel very different when I am in Beijing. It seems that I can grasp the direction of things. This is a magical intuition that comes into being with nature. The final result was that when I ended my journey, she decided to step out of the mud of feelings. She said that the advice you gave was straightforward and bright. Yes, Mercedes-Benz is in the vast, heavenly Alashan, it is difficult to think of it.

During the trip, you can experience the sacred sea and see the world change. Looking at the Danxia landform in Zhangye, Gansu, each colorful hill is engraved with a mark of weathering and water erosion, recording 2 million years of wind, frost and snow. In contrast, the one hundred and eighty years of life in the world is really like a gap. The Black City (also known as Blackwater City) in Ejinaqi was once the ancient capital of Xixia. It was once prosperous and was buried in the desert sands and there was only one long sigh. Standing in the sand of the Black City, the wealth and gains that are going through are finally floating in the clouds.

During the trip, people can calm down and see the heart. In a familiar environment, it is difficult for a person to jump out and reflect and objectively know that he or she knows others, but not in travel. During the trip, there is no customary secular restraint, no daily chores, in the Gobi of the sunset, at the foot of the Qilian Mountains in the new moon, in the Badain Jaran Desert facing the sun, there is enough space and time to calm down. Come, think about the past and the present, in the high and wide time and space of this day, the pain and stories in the city will be somewhat artificial. Therefore, I feel that I can put it down and let it go, and I can re-enter the urban life with a new mood. This is more useful than reading the Heart Sutra 100 times in a reinforced concrete office building.

Also, during the trip, you can better understand life and death. Life and death is a big problem. Thinking about the past, you can't leave the book bag. You can see many symbols of life and death in one journey alone - one tombstone on the roadside, one on the scene of a car accident... On October 3, just coming out from Zhangye Hotel, we will I met the team that went out. The first car filial son is screaming, the second car follows the coffin, the third car pulls the wreath, the fourth, the fifth one... all the fronts of the team are hung with big white flowers, and the sound is loud, it is absolutely in Beijing. Can't see the scene. On that day, I saw four exits along the way. The last time I was passing through a village, a tractor pulled up the shackles and all family and friends, and the paper money drifted with the wind. The next day, in Alashan Zuoqi, I met the team that met the family. This kind of scene will produce strange images in the human mind, except for emotions and emotions.

On October 6, on the way back, I saw the news of Steve Jobs’s death on Weibo, and I was very impressed. Wang Shi sent a Steve's words: Remember, you will die. Honor, pride, fear of embarrassment and failure, these will disappear in the face of death. When you think that you will lose something, remember that you will die. You have no reason not to beat your heart. Life is limited, don't waste time repeating other people's lives, but listen to your instincts and spiritual instructions, know what you want to be, and others are secondary.

Yes, from death to death, what is the most valuable thing for you? You have no reason not to follow your heart and beating.

Travel is really a practice.

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