Vacation in the city

There are facilities that are more suitable for people to play. This kind of urban oasis hotel is generally open on the edge of the city, which is a new thing in terms of business.

If you can't go to the beach on the weekends, or ski on the slopes, can't you vacation? When the holidays are getting shorter and shorter, the working hours are getting longer and longer, and the chances of urban people fleeing the city are getting less and less.

City Resorts (also known as Urban Resort or City Resort) are a paradise for those who are trying to “short-term escape” in the CBD.

The Sheraton Guangzhou Flower Resort is in preparation for the opening of a typical urban resort. It is located in Zengcheng, one of the favorite back gardens of the old Guangzhou people. Located in the Litouzui Reservoir, the hotel is surrounded by beautiful green mountains and green waters, and has 102 independent villas and suites, each with breathtaking views of the lake and mountains. What makes Guangzhou tourists happy is that this hotel is only 45 minutes drive from downtown Guangzhou and 15 minutes from downtown Huadu and the new Baiyun International Airport.

The recently established Lhasa St. Regis Resort has become a new darling of business people who are visiting the local and local areas with its garden-like elegance and leisurely buildings. Le Méridien Xiamen and Banyan Tree Hangzhou, which opened more than half a year ago, attract travellers on short-term vacations with its complex architectural complex, tranquil leisure environment and rich entertainment facilities. These are the representatives of the newly opened urban resorts in China.

“The gray-walled black-roofed courtyard and the patchwork of shrubs will separate the St. Regis Lhasa Resort from the bustling streets of Jiangsu Road and Bajiao Street. As the first five-star hotel in Lhasa with a spa, here, I You can enjoy the spa while enjoying the magnificent scenery of Lhasa, Himalayas and the surrounding area.” Dr. Sichuan Ding has lived in Lhasa for many years and now has two children. The children run their own company only on weekends. Gather. Now, the St. Regis Hotel has become the place to spend their free time.

Urban holiday "new standard"

“Urban resorts are usually made up of several complex buildings of different functions, rather than single-family buildings like city hotels. There are more facilities for people to play, such as their own theatres, sports centers, or cruise ships. Know, people The purpose of staying at the resort is not to come here for business or to see customers, but to entertain or briefly rest for a few days." In the view of Mr. Aidinuo, President of Gatineau City Resort in Quebec, the city resort is different from the ordinary five-star Class hotel, it has a quieter environment, more beautiful views and more entertainment. He said, "But urban resorts are different from ordinary resorts. They usually don't have too much bulk and they don't choose to be in a remote location. For example, it won't require passengers to take a few hours of flight. Or take a satellite phone. It is like the back garden of the residents of the downtown community, always welcoming people to walk or stay."

Judging whether a city hotel has a resort or not, there is a strict standard, that is, the accommodation and services they provide can make guests prefer to stay in the hotel and not go out to play. It is conceivable that if you go to Xiamen instead of Gulangyu, you will not enter the Potala Palace in Lhasa, but just to stay in the resort or hotel - this seems to be somewhat ridiculous. But in fact, taking the yachts of the Sheraton Qiandao Lake Greentown in Hangzhou to see the stars on the green jade-like lake, or taking a walk on the hillside in front of Xiamen Le Meridien, is also fascinating.

In fact, there are currently two standards for defining this new urban resort in the industry. If the service is relatively complete and can be enjoyed in the hotel, then people go to this kind of city resort just to escape from the busy city life. Come out, as Aidinuo thinks. There is another standard, Mr. He Guoxiang said in an interview: “The location of the city resort is mainly determined by the city where it is located. The city with beautiful scenery or cultural atmosphere is suitable for building urban resorts. It attracts visitors from other places. In this area, the facilities of the city resort are not necessarily very complete."

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