Wuhan Zhongshan Shipbuilding Museum "Shihekan"

In order to welcome the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911, the basic display of the Wuhan Zhongshan Shipbuilding Museum draws on advanced exhibition techniques at home and abroad and at the World Expo. Through high-tech display, it highlights the characteristics of “scene recovery and interactive experience”. At present, the exhibition has basically completed its work and was formally opened to the public in early October this year.

Located in Jinkou Street of Jiangxia District, the Wuhan Zhongshan Ship Memorial Museum adopts the "ship-in-one" approach. The majestic Zhongshan ship was restored according to the original history of 1926, retaining the hull of the relics of Wuhan in 1938 and nailed "Zhongshan". The bow of the two-character ship and the wounds left by the Japanese soldiers when they were deep-fried, tells about the stormy history of a generation of famous ships.

The exhibition "Generation of Famous Ships - Exhibition of Zhongshan Ship Relics" was displayed in the museum, showing the historical footprint of the Zhongshan Ship from its construction to being sunk. Except for pictures and cultural relics, the exhibits mainly use high-sound and high-tech means for scene reproduction, such as " In the Sino-Japanese War of 1895, a sandbox projection demonstration and a “Golden Horde Blood War” sound and light scene were displayed. The large-scale cultural relics that are of interest to the audience also designed booths that could be touched at close range.

Zhongshan Ship Water Relic Fine Artware exhibits nearly 300 pieces of precious cultural relics, reflecting the style of Zhongshan Ship during various historical periods. The exhibits are divided into four categories: ship-borne facilities, weapons and equipment, daily necessities, and nameplate signs. The contents include history, politics, military affairs, economics, and the daily life of the officers and soldiers of Zhongshan Shipmen. The exhibition hall also features high-tech display methods such as transparent touch screens and situational displays to achieve interaction with the audience, which is highly informative and interesting.

In the course of its 26 years of service, the famous ship Zhongshan Ships experienced many historical events and is an important testimony to China’s modern history. In the “War of Defending Wuhan” on October 24, 1938, the Zhongshan ship was bombed by the golden mouth of the Yangtze River after 75 minutes of fierce battle with the Japanese aircraft. In 1997, with the approval of the State Council, the national-level cultural relics were recovered and exported as a whole, which is known as the largest movable cultural relic in China.

The reporter learned from the cultural department of Wuhan City that there are more than 5,000 pieces of cultural relics in the Zhongshan Ship Museum, 51 of which are state-level cultural relics. Of the nearly 300 exhibits displayed in the basic display, many are state-level cultural relics.

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