Youth Visitors Reflect: Park Folk Activities Have a Little "Pediatrics"

Choosing the right mold to make moon cakes, standing in front of the rabbit's grandfather's hill, and giving the color of the rabbit's mud on the clay... Yesterday (No. 12), in the Folk Museum inside the Dongyue Temple, there were nearly ten items of various Mid-Autumn folk activities. However, most of the participants are primary school children or preschool children, and young people mostly spend their time.

At 9:40, senior Li Zi accompanied the elementary school's cousin to the door of Dongyue Temple. The cousin was attracted by various moon cake molds and waited in line to make moon cakes with his hands. However, Li Zi felt that the process of compacting the dough into a mold was not meaningful.

“Now folk activities are a bit naive and not suitable for me.” Li Zi told reporters. “Not only the activities of Dongyue Temple, I went to the Moon and the Capital Museum during my holidays. Almost all folk interaction projects are designed very simply. There are almost no interactive projects suitable for young people to participate in. As a result, reporters randomly asked more than a dozen undergraduate students in Dongyue Temple. Most people think that the participation of folk activities is low.

In this regard, the responsible person of the Folklore Museum stated that the traditional folk festivals held in traditional festivals are actually designed to allow more people to understand the meaning of the festival. However, many folk activities only have superficial articles, but they do not say what they are saying. , “In the future, we will tailor more tailored interactive activities for young people to meet their interests and hobbies.”

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