Zhengzhou Real Estate Data Analysis in October 2011

The construction of affordable housing has progressed smoothly. The price of commodity housing remained unchanged from the previous month. As of the end of October, the city has started the construction of 55,716 protective housing units for 71 projects, among which there are 35 new 26,891 affordable housing projects and 18 public rental housing projects. 24,753 units, 15 sets of low-rent housing projects, 2,858 units, and 3,114 sets of urban and state-owned industrial and mining shantytowns reconstruction projects; 35318 houses have been completed; 11,843 housing units are undergoing main construction; and 8,555 units are undergoing basic construction. .

In October, the pre-sale area of ​​commercial housing in Zhengzhou was 448,800 square meters. Among them, the approved pre-sale area for commercial housing was 215,600 square meters; the pre-sale area for non-residential approval was 232,200 square meters.

Urban commercial housing sales 5390 sets (room), sales area of ​​568,300 square meters, the average selling price of 7143 yuan / square meter. Including: sales of commercial housing 4515 sets (rooms), sales area of ​​442,500 square meters, sales average price of 6493 yuan / square meter, basically the same as last month; non-residential sales of 875 sets (room), sales area of ​​125,700 square meters, The sales price is 9432 yuan/square meter.

A total of 1370 sets of second-hand housing transactions in urban areas (between rooms), the transaction area of ​​121,500 square meters, the average transaction price of 5368 yuan / square meter (based on the market evaluation price calculation, the same below). Among them, the number of residential second-hand housing transactions was 1,320 units (rooms), with an area of ​​118,100 square meters and an average price of 5,139 yuan per square meter.

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